Public initiative 2017

  • Parcours Street Art

    The Street Art Itinerary was launched by the Deputy Mayor for Culture in 2013. Similar to the Comics Art Itinerary already well known in Brussels, the aim behind it is to develop Brussels and international talents in the different Brussels quarters and bring contemporary art into the public space. Residents or tourists always take pleasure in discovering a wall fresco on one of their walks. A hundred works of Street Art are today listed on the website. This site is regularly updated, with between 5 and 10 works added each year. The site proposes ballads themed by quarter with a geolocation app. It also offers information about artists and about how the works are produced. Follow the guide !

  • Citizen Lights

    Citizen Lights is the light festival that brightens up late winter in Schaerbeek. Unique for its genuine dimension of participation, festivity, family and respect for the environment, for one weekend it took over the area around Avenue Louis Bertrand, a famous artery in the commune. This first edition (2, 3 & 4 February 2017) was magical and poetic: installations by local and international artists rivalling for beauty and originality, a lantern parade bringing together schools and associations, light casings for remarkable buildings, window lighting of the most beautiful houses, carriage rides... Its inclusive feature has been recognised and appreciated by the press, who have even spoken about the "only light festival in Europe" (JT RTBF). All thanks to Citizen Lights, Schaerbeek has developed a positive appeal during and beyond the event and looks forward to your visit on 23 & 24 February 2018 to take part in the second edition of the festival.

  • [L'Auberge Espagnole] - Commerce incubator

    L’Auberge Espagnole is a business nursery installed at Chaussée de Wavre 331, in Etterbeek. The project was launched in May 2016 and comes under the Chasse-Gray Sustainable Quarter Agreement and a partnership with the Etterbeek Commune. It enables applicant traders to come and test their design between 1 and 4 months at a low cost and low risk. This also enables them to capitalise on the knowledge through personalised coaching with a view towards a potential permanent installation. The project also seeks to reinforce the quarter's cosmopolitan nature by stimulating a diversified commercial offer made in Europe. Shoppers' interests are regularly motivated by the discovery of new commercial ideas. The project draws its name from the film by Klapich and the traditional expression. In fact, in this space, each candidate drops their bags for an experience lasting several months. With each individual bringing a little of themselves, here we can find the diversity of all Europe.

  • Giant painting by Guillaume Bottazzi

    The artwork was completed between 2016 and 2017 at the request of the Etterbeek Commune, in partnership with the European Commission and the support of the French Embassy. This giant painting, the work of the artist Guillaume Bottazzi, measuring 16 m high by 7 m wide, is part of the heritage of Brussels-Capital. Gentle curves seem to take off and melt in subtle tones of raspberry, pink and yellow. This poetic work, located in the European Quarter, is aligned with the Schuman roundabout and overlooks Place Jourdan. This painting is one of the first abstract works painted in such a large format in the style of the Old Masters. It has often been said in the press that it brings dopamine to the public. The techniques used were inspired by the Flemish artist Van Eyck. The unveiling was organised by the Commune at the Hotel Sofitel Brussels Europe. The public is always welcome to discover this painting for their visual pleasure.

  • Kiosks in the parks

    The project developed by Brussels Environment consisted of the installation of five kiosks with a small catering business and café in various parks in the Brussels Capital region. These kiosks, open throughout the summer period from 1 July to 30 September, are aimed at users of green spaces, people of Brussels together with Belgian and international visitors. They also seek to create a social link between users, enhance local initiatives in sustainable food and showcase the green heritage of Brussels through a unifying and enjoyable activity in a place where design and sustainable development can be grasped in complete simplicity, around some delicious food or a nice drink!

  • "Belgium, you always return"

    Charlie Dupont, actor, director, screenwriter, producer and Belgian to the core has already offered insights into his attachment to Belgium during the commemoration events on 22 March, with his touching "Manneken Peace" speech. A partner and ambassador for the "Belgium – uniquely phenomenal" communications campaigns aimed at both Belgian and foreign visitors, Charlie Dupont filmed a short in Brussels Airport called "Belgium, you always return". This touching testimony about a day like any other in the arrivals hall of Brussels airport seeks to hold up a positive image of the country and encourage travellers to come and return to Belgium and to Brussels. This short film, shot at the start of July, shows the emotions etched on those arriving and those waiting. These intimate moments, funny and always moving, are enhanced by a sample from the track Merci, from the album Racine carrée by Stromae.


    The Tourism, Culture and Events sector is undergoing profound change (technological, economic and social) and all the players involved in projecting Brussels are working to invent new products and services in order to professionalise the experience of the visitor to Brussels. To lend its support to this sector, the Brussels Region has created a new "" cluster, a real economic tool that makes it possible to stimulate the development of new innovative activities and enhance the appeal of Brussels as a destination. Brussels companies and start-ups will be offered support and coaching for their new project as well as a full panel of events to promote multidisciplinary collaborations between players in Tourism, Accommodation, Catering, Events Organisation, Travel, the sector of Culture, Leisure and Transport…


    To mark the first edition of MUSIC CITY HALL, in June 2017, the City of Brussels exceptionally opened up City Hall and filled it with melody. MUSIC CITY HALL sees the merging of a masterpiece of Brabançonne Gothic architecture and twenty Brussels musicians. The artists and ensembles are making the jewel of the Grand Place resonate with their contemporary sound. They invite you to a series of 20-minute concerts (3 sessions lasting 20 minutes per group = 21 mini-concerts) played in seven of the most emblematic halls and ceremonial rooms. The repertoire for this entire first edition is a brew of numerous styles. So the audience had the chance to listen to some jazz and chamber jazz, an electronic composition of contemporary music ordered for the occasion, human beat-box, classical music, folk/rock and jazz tinged with soul.