Awards results 2016

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  • Restoration of Egyptian sarcophagi in a mobile laboratory during the "Sarcophagi" exhibition

    The Sarcophagi - Under the Stars of Nout" exhibition, which runs from 15 October 2015 through 20 April 2016 at the Cinquantenaire Museum was built around a unique and innovative international project involving the restauration of several Egyptian sarcophagi. A mobile restoration laboratory has been set up by the European Restoration Institute in a glass cage located along the exhibition course. This way the public could view the restoration of ten sarcophagi from the Cinquantenaire Museum's collection as it happens. These coffins were discovered in 1891 in the second "Secret Tomb" in Deir el-Bahari, near Luxor (Egypt), an archeological site of immense historical significance because the mommies of Ramses II and Sethi I were also previously found in this area. The issue for this restoration operation was to give the collection's sarcophagi back their beautiful, authentic colouring and, of course, ensure their proper long-term preservation.
    A few figures: 50,000 visitors from mid-October to mid-February


  • 50 hours of Beursschouwburg - A non-stop start

    Beursschouwburg celebrated its 50th birthday in 2015. Under the motto 'let yourself go' the Beursschouwburg celebrated the kick-off of this celebratory year with '50 hours of Beursschouwburg. A non-stop start '. In the program: 'high art', 'low art' and 'no art'. Celebrations, cakes, performances, workshops, sports activities, concerts, theatre, film screenings, exhibitions, speeches, activities for children and youth, drinks & food, camping at the neighbouring Marriott, real trees in the street ... around the clock, from Thursday, 5 February at 7:00 pm until Saturday, 7 February at 8:00 pm. And then an all-night party, in co-operation with 22tracks (where 50 hours were actually almost 60 hours). The facade of the building became a large wrapped gift and was presented to the residents of Brussels: 'Beursschouwburg. Under construction / unpronounceable / unpredictable since 1965'.
    The figures: € 174,357.49 investment, approximately 6,000 visitors, 26 volunteers, 22 permanent Beursschouwburg employees, 88 artists, 17 shows, 11 concerts, 115 press announcements ...


  • Lascaux - The Prehistoric Sistine Chapel

    The "Lascaux - The Prehistoric Sistine Chapel" exhibition ran from 14 November 2015 through 15 March 2015 at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels. The Lascaux cave, located in Dordogne (France) was painted and etched about 20,000 years ago. It is considered to be one of the most important cave art sites in the world. However, for preservation purposes, it has been closed to the public since 1963. Nevertheless, various life-size replicas have been made to give visitors a glimpse of these wonders. The most recent of these copies was presented to the Cinquantenaire Museum The exhibition lets visitors explore the Lascaux cave as if they were there. The exhibition also takes an interest in the cultural context in which the works of art that cover its walls arose. Prehistoric animal skeletons, a reproduction of a baby mammoth, tools and jewellery from the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Cinquantenaire Museum collections shed an additional local light on this prehistoric period.
    A few figures: 100,000 Belgian and foreign visitors


  • Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2015

    The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a three-week art festival bringing together contemporary artistic works by Belgian and international artists. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts takes place each May and sets up shop in about twenty theatres, Brussels art centres, and other sites around town that have graciously opened their doors to it. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts explores cultural, aesthetic, and geographical boundaries within Europe and far beyond, too. It is an urban, nomadic, and diverse festival; an international project in, for, and with the city of Brussels.
    A few figures: 20 th edition, 31 artistic projects including 21 co-productions, 135 shows, 330 artists from 14 different countries, 170 Brussels walk-on performers, 26,600 tickets sold, 1,500 overnight hotel stays, 22 theatre venues, 98% attendance.


  • Brussels Beer Project

    In October 2015, Brussels Beer Project opened its brewery in the heart of Brussels. The first brewery in de Vijfhoek (city centre) in a long time. From their location at the end of the Antoine Dansaertstraat, this collaborative brewery wants to be a breath of fresh air for the Belgian beer world. With twenty new and temporary beers, a Taproom overlooking the brewing house and open communications, BBP wants to bring the public closer to the product and show them innovations in beer. Collaborations with the public, music groups and other brewers are central.
    In figures: more than 3,000 people attended the opening, €1 million investment in the brewery, support from more than 1,500 crowdfunders, who each invested €160 in the brewery.


  • Train World

    Train World, a showcase for the trains of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, is one of Brussels' new tourist attractions since September 2015. The museum offers the general public not only a spectacular look at Belgium's past as a railway pioneer on the European continent, but also an exciting account of the current and future role of railroads. Train World is more than a museum. It's an interpretive centre. The original scene design - developed by the artist Francois Shuiten - creates an interactive experience through which the public can look, listen, touch, and let themselves be transported by thrilling stories from the from the railroad world.
    A few figures: 10,000 visitors in the first two weeks, 80,000 visitors since opening, and more than 6,000 fans on Facebook.



  • Train Hostel

    TRAIN HOSTEL is a fun, comfortable, affordable, and innovative new concept in lodging that is themed on trains. Located in Schaerbeek next to the new train museum, the hotel incorporates authentic train car sections repurposed as accommodations, including a "mid-air" suite. Staging was supervised by Francois Shuiten, 36 rooms and compartments for +/- 200 beds distributed in double rooms, rooms for four to nine people or shared rooms. With TRAIN WORLD, TRAIN HOSTEL has contributed to the development of a new centre for railway tourism in Brussels and Belgium.
    A few figures: 50,000 visitors are expected annually, including 50% from abroad, €4,000,000 invested and four years under construction.


  • Expo-Sciences International (ESI) 2015

    The MILSET Expo-Sciences International (ESI) aim at promoting scientific projects created by children and young people around the World through an exhibition in a multi-cultural environment, also allowing the participation of institutions which want to assist young people in their projects. The program of the Expo-Sciences International consists of a variety of activities: cultural and scientific visits, leisure activities, exhibition of projects, workshops, animation and conferences… Nearly 1,000 young scientists from some 50 countries and all different backgrounds, got together for a whole week in Brussels, the capital of Europe and Belgium. Discoveries, inventions, the source of cutting edge research rewarded in all their home countries - or when science erases all barriers, fears, and differences!
    A few figures: 83 delegations, 355 stands, 908 participants, 52 countries. &


  • I Shop on Sundays

    "I would love to explore the shops in downtown Brussels, cool & relax." Sunday shopping Downtown changes the city. The City of Brussels filed a request for recognition as a tourist centre for part of its area known as the Pentagon. This recognition was granted on 23 April 2015 allowing retail shops and artisans from then on to open on any Sunday they wish. Sunday store hours in downtown Brussels offer a major inducement for the public to come in from surrounding districts, suburbs, and even from all over Belgium. Today different target groups in Belgium and abroad have many expectations. Brussels, as the capital of Europe with its UNESCO-designated historical downtown, richly deserves this new opportunity.
    A few figures: €150,000 campaign in 2015

  • Honorary Award 2015

  • Staff of the STIB and Brussels Airport , direct victims of the attacks of 22 March, were presented an Honorary Award from the staff of, to pay tribute to their courage and composure under fire. As major assets and essential means of transportation for the Brussels-Capital Region, they wanted to get up and running right away so everyone could resume a normal life to the extent possible.