Sustainable initiative 2021

  • Bike-Packer - Amolma ASBL (Bike-Packer)
    Project date: since 15 April 2021
    The aim of the association is to make bicycle travel accessible to as many people as possible. To do this, it offers various services. The main activities of Bike-Packer are the rental of travel bikes and equipment, individual assistance in the preparation of bike trips, the development of multi-day biking routes in Belgium, training and events centred around bike trips.  The association also aims to organise free bicycle trips/excursions for the most disadvantaged groups, in order to promote inclusion. Finally, Bike-Packer promotes local tourism by proposing to discover local hotspots in a different way: by bike. More than a simple mode of transport, a bicycle is a tool that fosters independence and symbolises a philosophy that promotes slower and more autonomous travel with a very low carbon impact.

  • Tootbus Brussels - RD Belgium
    Project date: since 26 November 2021
    RATP Dev and STIB present the world’s first 100% electric tourist bus fleet. Tootbus is more than just a means of transport. It aims to create unforgettable experiences for travellers thanks to its unique offer: an immersive approach and emotional attachment to the city. “Let yourself be surprised by the city”. That is the ambition that Coralie Triadou, Director of Tootbus Brussels, and her teams strive to implement on a daily basis for visitors and inhabitants of Brussels.  This desire is illustrated, for example, by the introduction of new audio guides that include targeted content for children. The texts, which were written and recorded by native speakers of each language, provide a unique cultural perspective for each nationality. The number of available languages has gradually increased first to 6 and eventually to 10. Tootbus also comes with a new web, mobile and app platform which further enrich the experience.  

  • Mobile&Green MMM - MigratieMuseumMigration (MMM)
    Project date: since 8 January 2021
    With the ‘Mobile&Green MMM’ project, MMM continues to pursue its recognised status as an environmentally-friendly, clean, safe and energy-efficient museum. Indeed, MMM has already obtained the ‘Brussels Health & Safety Label’, and it is currently awaiting the awarding of the ‘Green Key Label’. The museum has also developed the ‘Mobile MMM’ workshop: a concept that was conceived during the first lockdown and launched in 2021. During this workshop, a member of the MMM staff educates and interacts with the participants on themes related to Brussels and migration. It is a flexible and popular format that can easily be adapted in line with the health measures in force. At times when access to the museum itself is limited, it is an effective tool to motivate teachers, students, their friends and families to visit the museum.

  • ECOBAZAAR bike tour - Bazaar Trottoir
    Project dates: 14 August to 1 November 2021
    Cycling from one sustainable project to another, meeting with entrepreneurs who enthusiastically talked about their projects and connecting visitors with these actors and the city: that, in a nutshell, is what the ECOBAZAAR bike tours by Bazaar Trottoir were all about. There are many sustainable initiatives in Brussels, spread across the region, often far apart. However, they can be easily reached by bike, while passing through beautiful green areas. This guided tour started in Jette and ended in Anderlecht. The participants passed along urban farms, rehabilitated spaces, circular brasseries and many other hotspots with ethical and sustainable values.

  • Hearth Project: Rethinking food for all - H.EART.H PROJECT
    Project date: throughout 2021
    Hearth Project is a non-profit association created in December 2019 by the chef Elliott Van de Velde and Adeline Barras, with the goal of raising awareness of food wastage and giving vulnerable people access to good quality meals. The non-profit association collects unsold goods from large retailers and transforms them on a daily basis with the help of volunteers into complete and nutritional meals that are sold to associations. Heart Project has a strong network of partnerships with both companies in the food industry and charities that purchase meals at low prices. Alongside this and in order to finance its activities, the non-profit association has for 2 years been organising awareness-raising gastronomic events using unsold food products. In 2022, it will open its fine-dining restaurant where the reuse of the products collected is the order of the day and the profits of which will be used entirely to finance the distribution of meals during charity events.