• Brussels From Above

    Brussels from above was a spectacular 360° virtual reality project, created by Belgian photographer Herman Desmet. This project showed - via the www.brusselsfromabove.be website -  the Brussels skyline from a whole different perspective. All of the panoramic photographs were taken from places that are not, or rarely, open to the public: rooves, towers, cranes, etc. On the website, visitors could use their mouse to scroll through 360°, and click on hotspots in each photograph that took them to new locations in the city. These locations could also be viewed by going through the menu. Thanks to this virtual reality project, the capital of Europe was be viewed in a magnificent new way.


  • Art for Everyone

    Art for Everyone is an expat art club, meaning the events are in English and for adults only. It was created for all (international) people interested in culture and art, who live in or around Brussels, no matter their age, social background or nationality. It is all about having fun together in a small group of usually 10 to 15 people. Thanks to the manageable group sizes, activities stay personal, interactive and engaging. Art for Everyone provides theoretical and practical courses, art visits, guided tours, day trips and many, many other great cultural activities. Also, after each event (except for the art classes) a social activity, (a drink or a meal) is suggested. Like this people can get to know each other, chat, exchange ideas and opinions, make new friends or simply have a good time together.


  • Escape the City: The Secret of the Manneken Pis

    Escape Prod, a Brussels start-up developing and running full-scale puzzle games presents Escape the City: an urban Escape Game in the streets at the historic centre of Brussels. In teams of 2 to 6 players, between adults or in a family (10 years and more), players move through the city and solve puzzles to unlock the mysteries of the strange bag given to them at the start of the game. To complete their mission, the players must observe their environment (buildings, monuments, comics murals, street names, unusual details, street art) and use the detective accessories provided. A visit and a (re)discovery of the city that is both entertaining and instructive, leading them into numerous inescapable locations in the historic centre (Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Galeries Royales, Palais de la Bourse).