• LITA

    For the first time in Belgium direct investment in a social company is possible: LITA.co is the first interactive investment platform dedicated to solidarity-based finance. An acronym for Live.Impact.Trust.Act., it is geared towards those who wish to take part in projects that will provide the solutions of tomorrow to the social challenges of today, for amounts over €100. For the past 3 years more than 2000 individuals have directly financed with full transparency 27 companies with a strong positive impact. With a collected amount exceeding 7 million euros and more than 950 jobs created or made permanent, this crowdequity platform became the leader of interactive and solidarity-based share ownership.


  • Brussels From Above

    Brussels from above was a spectacular 360° virtual reality project, created by Belgian photographer Herman Desmet. This project showed - via the www.brusselsfromabove.be website -  the Brussels skyline from a whole different perspective. All of the panoramic photographs were taken from places that are not, or rarely, open to the public: rooves, towers, cranes, etc. On the website, visitors could use their mouse to scroll through 360°, and click on hotspots in each photograph that took them to new locations in the city. These locations could also be viewed by going through the menu. Thanks to this virtual reality project, the capital of Europe was be viewed in a magnificent new way.


  • Free Guided Tour through the European Institutions in Brussels

    Thanks to the excellent cooperation of 9 hotels in the European quarter, it is now possible for all customers of these establishments to discover free of charge how the European Commission and EU Parliament work. Every Sunday, at 10 am, the guided tour brings curious visitors deep inside these buildings in the emblematic district, before taking a short coffee break at one of the 9 participating hotels. The visit focuses on the European institutions and the integration as part of Brussels, along with their particular architecture, while showing what this unique aspect can represent for a world capital like Brussels.


  • BrusselWear

    BrusselWear has decided to promote the language, culture and spirit of Brussels through clothing. The products made by this 100% Brussels brand are printed in the screen-printing workshop in Forest south of Stanley et Stella textiles (a Belgian brand located in Etterbeek) in organic cotton, and sold through a short supply chain on the web shop www.t-shirterie.be and in some Made in Belgium stores, such as Belge une Fois, Belgikie or BelgoPop. The web shop also offers other Brussels creators the opportunity to take advantage of the sale platform to showcase their knowledge. Dikkenek, Froecheleir, Kastar and other Brusseleir are identified by wearing the BrusselWear label.


  • “Join the Plateoteam” – Ben, a new Dino for Brussels.

    To unveil Ben, a new original plateosaurus skeleton, the Natural Science Museum creates a community and launches a communication operation: "Join the Plateoteam". This is about crowd-funding to raise the necessary funds for the project. It also allows everyone to follow the day-to-day of a museum and scientific project while intensifying the dynamic image of the Museum. The originality of the project seduces media and plateo-friends, -fans and -geeks of all ages and outlooks. The quirky promotion, particularly thanks to the arrival of "Trex Tuesdays" in Brussels and the release of Ben in Lego© bricks kit, is creating a buzz on the social media… A successful operation! Thanks to their support for the public sector, private companies and artists (BJ Scott, Richard Ruben, GAL, Conz, Piet Maris, Propaganza) and a formidable interest from the general public, Ben, the oldest resident of Brussels, is officially installed among his counterparts for the 10th anniversary of the Dinosaur Gallery on 14 December 2017!


  • Escape the City: The Secret of the Manneken Pis

    Escape Prod, a Brussels start-up developing and running full-scale puzzle games presents Escape the City: an urban Escape Game in the streets at the historic centre of Brussels. In teams of 2 to 6 players, between adults or in a family (10 years and more), players move through the city and solve puzzles to unlock the mysteries of the strange bag given to them at the start of the game. To complete their mission, the players must observe their environment (buildings, monuments, comics murals, street names, unusual details, street art) and use the detective accessories provided. A visit and a (re)discovery of the city that is both entertaining and instructive, leading them into numerous inescapable locations in the historic centre (Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Galeries Royales, Palais de la Bourse).


  • Art for Everyone

    Art for Everyone is an expat art club, meaning the events are in English and for adults only. It was created for all (international) people interested in culture and art, who live in or around Brussels, no matter their age, social background or nationality. It is all about having fun together in a small group of usually 10 to 15 people. Thanks to the manageable group sizes, activities stay personal, interactive and engaging. Art for Everyone provides theoretical and practical courses, art visits, guided tours, day trips and many, many other great cultural activities. Also, after each event (except for the art classes) a social activity, (a drink or a meal) is suggested. Like this people can get to know each other, chat, exchange ideas and opinions, make new friends or simply have a good time together.


  • Brussels on wheels: the cobblestone won't stop you

    Destination Everywhere is an online travel platform dedicated to people with disabilities, launched in September 2017. It is a travel guide with verified information and includes inspirational, fun and inclusive activities, but also practical resources that allow people to book their own holidays (hotels, transport and medical services, specialised tour guides and agencies). To promote Brussels as a destination for travellers with specific needs, Destination Everywhere launched the "Brussels on wheels: the cobblestone won't stop you" video and photo campaign on social media channels Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The ambassador, Marine De Keyzer, a very active and lively local lady who uses a wheelchair and knows the city by heart, was filmed in various locations to create an honest and fun portrait of Brussels from the point of view of a person in a wheelchair, with the critical analysis and the tips and tricks of a local, allowing travellers to fully enjoy this very special European capital.



    Velocom is a new form of environment-friendly local advertising in Brussels. The aim is to enable each organisation (businesses, companies, events), small or large, to become more visible in the city of Brussels. Velocom offers green and environment-friendly advertising with its bikes made from recycled materials. With its green bikes, Velocom can reach areas where other billboards and media cannot reach. This makes it possible to reach a target public effectively and efficiently and always in an original and different way. The services of Velocom can reach out to more than 50,000 people a day, ensuring specific results and increasing the number of new customers.


  • Escape Rush

    Opened on 16 December 2017, Escape Rush is an escape game tourist attraction (an adventure game where visitors have 60 minutes to solve puzzles to escape from a room they are locked in), located in the Cimetière d'Ixelles quarter at 30 Rue de l'Automne. Once you step through the door, Escape Rush immerses the visitor with its cinema-quality sets. The rooms are more than 100 m² (around twice the size of normal escape games) and the puzzles, all technological, are far removed from the typical "open the lock" pattern. Escape Rush is currently offering the Submarine Bunker mission, which can be played by up to 6 participants. In late 2018, Escape Rush will be offering a total of four missions: the second, opening soon, will take place in the Oval Office of the White House, faithfully reconstructed for the occasion.


  • MuseomixBE 2017 – International creative museum marathon

    On 10, 11 and 12 November 2017, the Museum of the City of Brussels welcomed the Museomix project, a creative, interactive and digital marathon. The goal? To renew and bring change to the visitor's relationship with the museum by making it as interactive as possible. Participants with different profiles (amateurs, professionals, artists, coders, designers, DIYers) have 3 days to come up with new and innovative museum experiences. The catchword for Museomix lies in the slogan: "People make museums". Lie down beside a mummy? Get ancient statues to speak? Anything is possible! With limited time and helped by a Fablab and technical partners, participants have to think up a problem, produce and test a prototype on the visitor. The general public is then invited to take part, test, listen, look – basically, experience the museum in a different way! In 2017, Museomix took place simultaneously in 10 museums across 8 countries.



    THE BIGGEST POOL, a co-production by POOL IS COOL and BOZAR, was the best surreal location of summer 2017: the largest open-air swimming pool in Brussels, in the heart of the city. The combination of a swimming pool in a container with a large sun deck, a bar, a graffiti mural and a halfpipe for skaters right next to the BOZAR building, made it a place that everyone could enjoy. Whether you came to swim a few lengths, to let your kids go for a dip, to enjoy a cool drink in the sun with some friends or dance to tango or techno music, THE BIGGEST POOL always had something to offer. BOZAR Open Air - which THE BIGGEST POOL was a part of - was the link between the YO - Brussels Hip Hop Generation exhibition in BOZAR and the general public and between the Royal Palace and lower part of the city. POOL IS COOL was also simultaneously a statement in favour of the reintroduction of open-air swimming pools in Brussels.


  • Detox Monday

    After 3 days of festival madness, Tomorrowland invited 2,000 of its international visitors to an exclusive experience on the Monday afternoon after the festival. But how do you get exhausted festival goers out of their hotels after 3 days of wild partying? It was time to go back to basics, back to nature, without music stages, DJs, extravagant decorations or even alcohol. Just chilling & relaxing, becoming totally zen after overloading on bits & beats, and mentally and physically recuperating after three 3 days of total madness. A minimalist and zen setting with an eastern look and feel was set up at the bucolic site of Jeux d’Hiver in Bois de la Cambre: hundreds of white cushions and hammocks; walking musicians in kimonos with rare acoustic instruments; countless geishas who offered visitors massages, manicures, yoga and Tai Chi; and healthy vitamin buffets with freshly pressed and cut fruit and vegetables awaited the weary festival goers. Detox Monday was a fact. “Let the rehab begin…”