ACT Lighting Design (Be) – Naked Truth

"Naked truth", presented by ACTLD invites the public to discover an avant-garde, dynamic and minimalist installation that is set up in the too often ignored space of a construction site.
These urban spaces, alive and noisy during the day yet peaceful and quiet at night, actually contain an unsuspected creative force.

ACTLD got its inspiration from the site’s authenticity, its depth and its raw aspect to create an artistic installation with an industrial flavour. Standing in water, and accompanied by the illumination of the location, a matrix made up of, among other things, 64 beams of light climbs skywards, is reflected in the water and in the artificial fog, which changes people’s perceptions of the space and offers the public a brand new experience.

Stripped of anything superfluous, Naked Truth gives you the freedom to interpret its story, told by an extraordinary sound and light show and its poetic, exuberant and contemporary atmosphere.
In this ephemeral atmosphere, elementary energies are created, meet and play off each other.

ACTLD is the Belgian independent agency for lighting and visual design that has been demonstrating its know-how in the fields of lighting, architecture, technology and entertainment for the last 20 years.

ACTLD’s aim is to bring its creativity, innovative approach and a touch of emotion to its projects, while combining its pragmatism, perfectionism and technical expertise in the worlds of art, entertainment and architecture.

Creation & production: ACT LIGHTING DESIGN
Koert Vermeulen – Principal Designer, ACTLD
Luc de Climmer – Senior Lighting Designer, ACTLD
Technical aspects: ASP Group
Special effects:  Magic Mist & FX3

Practical information

  • Quai des Péniches
    1000 Brussels