Impulsion, an illuminated playground!

This interactive project is sure to provide great moments of fun to visitors. Giant see-saws, brimming with light and sound, will be installed just at the foot of the Brussels Stock Exchange (La Bourse). Equipped with lights and speakers, the see-saws are activated by sitting down on either side, which triggers melodies that are accompanied by oscillating waves of light.  This means that passers-by can produce fleeting, constantly changing original creations. Thanks to the use of architectural lines, their hypnotic sound will create an astonishing impression of depth that will light up the central boulevard. Playing with the notions of balance and imbalance, symmetry and asymmetry, tension and harmony, video projections will represent a visual experience.

"Impulsion" is an urban feature that will constantly change with those who visit it. In the time it takes to ride a see-saw, visitors will become musicians playing a novel kind of instrument.

"Impulsion" is located in the middle of the Winter Fun attractions, so you can take advantage of this serendipitous location and have a cup of mulled wine while visiting the Christmas market.

Practical information

  • Place de la Bourse
    1000 Brussels