Les Commandos Percu (FR) & Deabru Beltzak (ES) – La parade Danbor Talka / Clash of Drums

From 2/02 to 5/02 at 8pm
Duration : 45min

Coming out of nowhere, the drummers come in contact and pound the taut skins. Street after street, their drumsticks cross, their colourful faces size each other up for a confrontation of rhythm and fireworks. The devils take on the warriors! Who will win the battle? This symbolic conflict has no other purpose other than to transform a clash into an encounter, to sublimate rage into words and light the unifying fire that brings hearts together.
This show evokes the clash of cultures and the need to talk to one another - and creates a shared song. A friendly show helping people to get to know each other and share.

For more than 20 years Les Commandos Percu has been roaming festivals the world over with its truly original drumming and its very specialised knowledge of pyrotechnics. The combination of music and fire is the main driver of this dynamic. It invents a language that is new yet primal which transcends culture and genre. The band's energetic inventiveness is stunning: fireworks and drumming spring up from all sides, surrounding you and carrying you away!

Practical information

  • Quai des Péniches
    1000 Brussels