Philippe Morvan (Fr) - Dot

Monumental and multifaceted, Dot is a modular installation made of recycled materials.
This light wave, presented in the form of a giant electric flash, creates illuminated forms and graphics inside the exhibition space.
The 175 points of light that make up the piece dance to a musical score.
Variations in intensity, speed and frequency offer the public a dynamic, bright, graphic and acoustic performance that stretches over 30 m.
As an ode to incandescence, traditional lightbulbs are used as the light source. They act as a multitude of little electric fires.

Philippe Morvan is based in Lyon. He is a scenographer, plastic artist and a creator of decors. His work involves the temporary or permanent illumination of public spaces.

Practical information

  • Quai des Péniches
    1000 Brussels