TILT (FR) – Alumines

The Alumine is a light plant whose stems reach for the sky in search of light. It opens its many petals, which curve delicately under the sun's warmth, into the air to form a pure aerial flower.
Though it is a sparkling flower by day, it is not until night falls that the Alumine reveals the iridescent beauty of its colours and offers enraptured passersby a gentle glow under which they can come and warm up.

Created in 2001 on the initiative of two lighting engineers, Francois Fouilhé and Jean-Baptist Laude, TILT is an organisation that seeks to "enlighten lighting" from an artistic standpoint. Often put in service of a work of art, light illuminates without being illuminated itself, and it is our view of light that TILT wants to change. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, light offers a plethora of artistic possibilities awakening TILT's imagination and guiding their creations which subtly combine  dreamlike atmospheres and the industrial world, salvage materials and advanced techniques, responsible energies and technical breakthroughs.

Practical information

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    1000 Brussels