Activities & Workshops

Activities & Workshops

Every year the Comic Festival offers all visitors, young and old, the chance to test their hand at comic drawing or take part in the entertaining activities organised by the Festival. There are activities for manga fans, fanzine workshops for youngsters, contests and performances for all ages. Exhibitors and publishers let their imaginations run free to reveal a world of exciting new discoveries along with their all‑time classics.

  • Comic strip schools and academies

    HALL A, Stands A10, A11 & A12
    Come and make the most of the presence of the Fine Arts Academy of Tournai, the Academies of Watermael-Boitsfort and Châtelet, and the comic strip section students from ESA Saint-Luc in Brussels. They will show you how to create a comic strip and present their wildest projects.

  • Belgotaku

    HALL A, Stand A7
    Belgotaku returns to the Brussels Comic Strip Festival (Fête de la BD), which is sure to delight manga fans! Don't forget to brush up on your classics: Belgotaku, board games and card games will test your knowledge of manga and Asian culture. For novices, it will also be an opportunity to take part in a workshop to discover Teru Teru Bōzu, small fabric dolls that are hung in windows of houses on rainy days to call in good weather. Like every year, don't miss the Belgotaku quest, which takes you on a manga journey through the Brussels Comic Strip Festival!

  • BeLUG (Belgian LEGO User Group)

    HALL A, Stand A2
    Join BeLUG at their stand and have fun with LEGO®! BeLUG would like you to help them create a large mosaic to celebrate the Smurfs’ birthday (creative little ones who take part will receive a small souvenir). You will learn how to build your favourite characters, thanks to demonstrations with 2x4 LEGO® bricks. Fun guaranteed!

  • Atelier 24

    HALL D, Stand D2
    Come and discover and even try your hand out at comic strip engraving. Create your own story and take part in a badge-making workshop. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, the authors of Atelier 24 will be present to share their knowledge and show you the ropes!
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  • Fanwars 501st Garrison

    HALL C, Stand C22
    The 501st FanWars Garrison is part of the 501st Legion, a global non-profit organisation that engages in Star Wars themed costuming, both for official events and charitable activities. Officially recognised by Lucasfilm, it is composed of over 10,000 members around the world divided among several national clubs. Members of FanWars participate every year in a number of charitable events, conventions, and official events, such as film releases.

  • Geek Zone

    HALL D, Stand D3
    With the Geek Zone and Flash Raccoon, discover a whole host of activities dedicated to geek pop culture, cinema, Cosplay and imaginary worlds! You’re in for quizzes, board games, 3D demos, exhibitions celebrating Belgian creation... and prizes to be won!

  • Escape Box : Le piège de l'empoisonneur (The Poisoner’s Trap), by Escape Prod

    HALL C, Stand C21
    After the escape game based on L'Évasion des Daltons (The Escape of the Daltons), Escape Prod is an invitation to gather around a table and conduct an investigation. Try to stop the poisoner's plans in teams of 2 to 6 players. Find the antidote before it’s too late! To do so, you will need to show observation, deduction and teamwork skills. Completing your mission will require solving the puzzles using the clues and tools that are in the poisoner’s booby-trapped case.

  • Alix village

    To celebrate his birthday, Alix, his faithful friend Enak and his legion, have set up camp in Brussels Park, to offer you activities and demonstrations under genuine Gallo-Roman marquees!

  • Belgian Comic Strip Center

    Hall D, Stand D11
    Portrait of an exceptional woman. An activity in the frame of the expo Catel.

    It has taken the outstanding graphic novel artist Catel just less than two decades to rise to prominence on the Franco-Belgian comic strip art scene. Her powerfully inspired and profoundly humanist work has highlighted the lives of remarkable women, ranging from Kiki de Montparnasse to Benoîte Groult.
    Today Catel invites you to immortalize the portrait of a powerful woman. Participate in our drawing competition and win one of our valued prizes. If you’d rather lay back and read, you can discover a selection of comics boasting heroines of all times in our reading corner.

  • And also in the publishers’ spaces…:

    • Le Lombard invites you to the Ducobu fancy fair and an extraordinary treasure hunt in Park - A1
    • The Spirou Festival is returning to the Comic Strip Festival - D13.
    • The actual van of Loup en Slip, which you can see in the park, is the setting for plenty of fun surprises and activities – PARK
    • Standaard Uitgeverij celebrates the publication of the 100th instalment of F.C. De Kampioenen - A5.
    • Spirou and Fluide Glacial magazines engage in an all-out war ! - D13 & D1
    • Meet Enrico Marini who will draw Batman and Joker on the spot… in a life-size version! - A18
    • Casterman invites you to check out a giant board game developed around the character Alix - C1
    • Glénat has created a fun play area for young visitors – C23