The 2017 Brussels Comic Strip Festival is taking advantage of its new setting to offer a number of comic strip-themed exhibitions. No less than six exhibitions will allow visitors to learn more about certain iconic realms of the 9th Art.

  • Gaston: The Giant and the Gaffe

    In the prestigious setting of Horta Hall at BOZAR, Gaston will roll out his best gaffes for a flash (full-size!) exhibition on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of his debut in the SPIROU Journal in 1957. A trip though almost a thousand panels of Belgium's favourite blunderer. Narrated by Franquin himself: "A lot of people thought that was an incredibly stupid idea, especially since, back in those days, they did not make idiotic heroes!"

    Commissioner: Frédéric Jannin.

  • A Méroll World: the exhibition celebrating 25 years of Requins Marteaux

    Today more than one in three people in the world consume Méroll oil every day. Behind this veritable financial empire stands one man: Édouard-Michel Méroll; and one very simple idea: a 2-in-1 oil that is both delicious for your cooking and efficient in your engine. A lecture on uninhibited consumerism, advertising propaganda, and globalisation, the A Méroll World exhibition is a 3D satirical fable. It illuminates all aspects of this marv'oilous adventure: a comic strip, an animated film (Once upon a time there was oil), quoted works of art, ambitious architectural projects...
    A production of Requins Marteaux.

  • "Voyeur"

    The Argentine cartoonist Horacio Altuna is certainly an artist who was committed to narrating daily life in his country under the military dictatorship, a master of comic book thrillers in which his ink techniques dazzle, and a prolific producer of strips and short stories for newspapers, but it was his collaboration with PlayBoy that made him a world-renowned author.

    He worked for publishers of that magazine in a dozen countries where he was able to apply his Latin culture and humour. Horacio Altuna's work is on display behind closed doors in one of BOZAR's rooms. Fans: keep your eyes peeled!
    A production of Librairie Flagey.

  • Thorgal Exhibition

    As part of the 40th anniversary of the famous series created by Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosinski, discover over thirty original black and white panels nestled in the jewel box that is the Palais des Beaux-Arts!

    And for the very first time in Brussels, attend a special performance by Grzegorz Rosinski live at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival!
    A production of Le Lombard.

  • Silencieuse(s)

    Exhibitions of panel reproductions from the Silent comics: "Nice ass! " Words shouted like that. As she walks by. As usual she pretends not to hear. In perspective, it's no big deal.... She might even find the expression amusing. Except that "She" is Anaïs, Mahé, Zoé, Julie. She's everyone: friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend. She's you, she's me. And above all, it's nothing out of the ordinary. So much so that she will swap her skirt for a pair of pants. So that she won't be reduced to being a mere sex object to anyone who looks her way.

    A Flagey bookstore production.

  • Expo Kamimura

    Kamimura, born in 1940 in Kasuga, is not a typical author; he grew up surrounded by women and decided to go against the mainstream trends of the 1960s and 70s: putting women at the centre of the story, drawing about romantic relationships and their complications like an action manga, and trusting the backdrop to his assistants without ever altering anything.

    His career really coincided with the rise of "gekiga," this manga genre specifically intended for adults characterized by sophisticated scripts and staging that focuses on psychological depth.

    He leaves behind a work with a unique aesthetic that sketches a portrait in relief of a Japanese society, under American supervision, that is changing but where women are prevented more than ever from flourishing.

    A Kana Publishing production.

  • Titeuf, à fond le slip !

    Titeuf is turning 25 in 2017. Yet he's still a child of his time. The release of the fifteenth album, “à fond le slip !” confirms it.

    The challenges of social media and terrorism and those, already well known, of coming of age and schoolyard fights which echo the social and political battles of grown-up society on a smaller scale...

    For this occasion, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival presents a selection of panels from this hilarious new album with drone overflights, exploding abandoned suitcases, and inappropriate selfies.

    A Glénat Publishing production and FIBD Angoulême.

  • Knock Outsider Komiks - Jean Leclercq

    BOZAR – Stand F22

    art et marges musée, La "S" Grand Atelier & Frémok present: Jean Leclercq: "I never read, I mark the words!"
    An introducing to the exhibition "Knock Outsider Komiks", from 29 September 2017 until 29 January 2018 at art et marges museum.

    Born in 1951, Jean Leclercq lives in Lierneux in the Belgian Ardennes. Very prolific, he is the creator of several thousands of drawings that he produces at home or at  the l" S " Grand Atelier. He finds inspiration in the albums of Michel Vaillant, Tintin or Bob et Bobette, bound volumes of the journal Spirou, Marvel super-hero anthologies, issues of Mickey Parade or pocket books found in Italian railway stations, often unearthed at the Lierneux flea market. Like an unreconstructed avatar of Roy Lichtenstein, he will appropriate comic strips that he will re-draw and enlarge. At the same time, the result of this recycling exercise does not resemble  the aseptic work of Lichtenstein, the Pop artist. The treatment is vigorous and without frills : Ballpoint and felt-tip pens, coloured crayons and gouche remains are whisked onto sheets of paper recovered from rubbish bins. The narrative dimension of a comic strip is not very important to Jean Leclercq. For him, a comic strip is more like an inexhaustible reservoir of images. The content of his comic strip speech bubbles does not have to make much sense.   "I never read," he says. "I put down words ! ."