Gaston is turning 60!

2017 commemorates  Gaston's 60th birthday! To mark the occasion, the Spirou Festival is inviting the famous lazybones to the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. That's all he needed to leave his mark everywhere: on the event poster, in the Balloon's Day Parade, in the conference rooms and even in an exhibition.
His blue footprints will follow you everywhere during the 2017 Brussels Comic Strip Festival, you have been warned!

An exhibition at BOZAR - Gaston: The Giant and the Gaffe

In the prestigious setting of Horta Hall at BOZAR, Gaston will roll out his best gaffes for a flash (full-size!) exhibition on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of his debut in the SPIROU Journal in 1957. A trip though almost a thousand panels of Belgium's favourite blunderer. Narrated by Franquin himself: "A lot of people thought that was an incredibly stupid idea, especially since, back in those days, they did not make idiotic heroes!"

Commissioner: Frédéric Jannin.

Conferences and shows:

Gaston and the work of his author, Franquin, will be the subject of discussion at several themed conferences led by Fred Jannin, Numa Sadoul (the biographer of Franquin) and Sergio Honorez (editorial director at Dupuis) among others.

But that is not all because artist Max Vandervorst is creating an original and totally off-the-wall show for the occasion as a tribute to the famous gaffophone, a mythical invention of unmatched destructive power. Come to BOZAR'S room M and enjoy the show!

Bozar, Room M - Saturday 2 at 2:00 PM – family show – Entry Fee – Book your tickets here!

A festival, just for him:

The Spirou Festival, an annual Brussels Comic Strip Festival gathering, will invite special guest Gaston and don the famous character's colours. A large space will be dedicated to kids' activities: face-painting, colouring on digital lightboxes, Gaston quiz, a scavenger hunt to find Gaston Sardine cans... But this will also be the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the Gaffe Gallery: the greatest contemporary authors compete in creativity to celebrate the biggest gaffer of the comics world (launch of the special edition exclusive for the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, 24 €, 128 pages)!

A giant balloon with his likeness:

And to top it all off, Gaston gets a big head and invades the Balloon's Day Parade thanks to a brand new balloon that looks just like him! Do not miss the inflation of the balloons at Place des Palais on Sunday, 3 September so you can be among the first to spot the famous fool!