International Pavilion

Belgium may be especially proud of its comic strip heritage, but many other countries also have successes to their name. Among them, 17 foreign cultural representatives will be settling into the International Pavilion so that people can discover their works and take the opportunity to share their experiences. Exhibitions, autographs, conferences, workshops... will take you on a journey through the 9th Art world!

The full list of their lectures can be found here.

  • The EUNIC Brussels countries: Estonia, Hungary, the Basque Country, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Turkey

    The members of the European Union National Institutes for Culture invite you to explore their countries' comic strip heritage. As well as a reading nook, drawing shows and signing sessions, each country will be offering workshops and lectures.

    • Camões, Portugal (Institute of Cooperation and Language, I.P. – Portugal)
      Paul Monteiro is offering children aged 6-12 the chance to discover how easy it is to tell illustrated stories. He will also be giving a lecture on Portugese comics
    • Estonia (Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU)
      Estonia are offering a sketched out board game, a lecture on the influence of travel on comic strip work and, finally, an introspective workshop with some friends from Finland who will explain how to search within yourself to tell a personal story. An autobiography, ideas and travel journal, all in one.
    • Hungary (Balassi Institute – Cultural Service of the Embassy of Hungary)
      While Attila Futaki will present the first stages in his inking of the book 'The Hypnos' and let the audience have a go themselves, another workshop will allow you explore the first steps in creating a new comic strip. Finally, there will be a lecture touching on the Hungarian Revolution as seen by Attila Futaki in 'The Angel of Budapest'.
    • The Basque Country (Etxepare Basque Institute)
      The two workshops given will allow your children to create their own comic strip, while also discovering comic strip vocabulary and how to cut down, and trying out different drawing techniques on a variety of materials.
    • Poland (Polish Institute)
      The artist Maciej Palka will give you the key to move from a blank page to a comic result, even without an initial idea. He will also explain how to get yourself published! Also, Wojciech Stefaniec invites you to his drawig show.
    • Romania (Romanian Cultural Institute Brussels)
      With the help of some fantastic games such as 'Exquisite corpse', Xenia Pamfil will introduce children of all ages to comic strip techniques, while having fun at the same time!
    • Turkey (Yunus Emre Institute)

    Download the EUNIC countries' full schedule here

    Download the list of artists from each EUNIC country here

  • Lucca Comics & Games by Lucca Crea SRL & the Italian Institute of Culture

    Italy is back for the third year in a row through the cooperative efforts of Lucca Comics & Games and the Brussels Italian Cultural Institute.
    This year it is introducing three talented Italian artists during autograph sessions and drawing shows. So come and see Mirka Andolfo, the accomplished colourist and pencil artist whose work Sacro e Profano, which began online, has become a real success, Riccardo Pieruccini who works with a number of publishing houses and authors and Giuseppe Palumbo.

  • Czech Centre Brussels

    The Brussels Czech Centre invites you to explore the best of Czech comics - including one of its most translated authors - Lucie Lomová. She autographs her artistic books for adults in French and leads a workshop inspired by the most adventurous mouse duo Anča and Pepík for children. The new generation will be represented by Štěpánka Jislová and her conference on the role of women in comics.

    Download the Czech Centre's full schedule here

  • Sterling Books

    Sterling Books, the independent English bookshop in Brussels, brings a selection of their great range of English-language comics to the festival. Daniel Clowes, Alan Moore, Joe Sacco and Posy Simmonds, 'The Walking Dead', DC, Marvel, etc.

  • Collectif Lab619

    Lab619 is a Tunisian experimental independent comics collective. It publishes a one-of-a-kind magazine in Tunisia. In addition to the magazine, the collective strives to promote comics by arranging artist-in-residence programmes, exhibitions (Barcelona, January 2016, Paris, February 2016, Casablanca, May 2016), and workshops. It won the best magazine prize at the CairoComix Festival in September 2015.
    Come and get acquainted with the magazine and its spin-off products while enjoying the conference arranged by the collective. Noha Habaieb also be delighted to autograph issues 6, 7, and 8 of the magazine each day from 4:00 to 7:00 PM.

  • TokTok Mag

    It was in January 2011, in a climate of social unrest, that the first issue of the TokTok magazine was published. In a lively, realistic style the quarterly magazine produces anti-heroes who develop through stories shaped by a variety of influences from comic to tragic that resonate with the daily reality of life in modern Egypt. Three founding artists, Shennawy, Tawfik, and Walid Taher will introduce their magazine and be delighted to share with you during discussion and autograph sessions.

  • « Re-Animate Europe » – International Comic Competition 2017

    How to re-animate Europe? The Naumann Friedrich Foundation for Freedom posed this question to artists and graphics from around the world as part of their third international comics competition "Animate Europe." The answer came quickly as no less than 75 artists from 24 different countries sent in illustrations of their ideas for revitalising Europe.
    Come and see the work of the competition's 7 finalists through this exhibition. Magdalena Kaszuba, The winner of the competition that is the basis of this exhibition will also be pleased to autograph her work for you on Saturday, 2 September from 3:00 to 4:30 PM and Sunday, 3 September from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.

  • Korean Cultural Centre of Brussels

    This year, to mark its 20thanniversary, Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON) is inviting no fewer than 7 Belgian and Korean authors to talk about "Youth." Come and explore the works of Choi Gyusuk, Soo Shinji, Ryu Seunghee, Han Hyeyeon, Frank PE, Dominique Goblet, and CONZ at this 4thedition of the Belgian and Korean comics exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre.
    Get a flavour for this exhibition at their Brussels Comic Strip Festival booth. A photo area is even planned to make the moment last a lifetime.

  • The Autrique House

    To mark the release of its new publication, Kronikas, Autrique House is holding a conference and signing sessions featuring authors from Brussels, Algeria, and Cuba such as Etienne Schreder and Myriam Zeggat each day.
    Kronikas is a triangular experiment in writing, illustration, and comics between Algiers, Brussels, and Havana. An imaginary inventory of each city's heritage that is near and dear to the authors who live in these capitals.
    Also come and admire the "Algiers - Brussels - Havana Triangle" exhibition focusing on comics exchanges between authors who reside in each of these cities. Fiction, drawing, writing... these tools are used and combined in a sort of imaginary but well-documented inventory of the cultural heritage of Algiers, Brussels, and Havana.

  • Brazilian Embassy in Brussels

    For its first appearance at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, Brazil is proud to present its two leading artists Adão Iturrusgarai and Cynthia Bonacossa.
    Adão Iturrusgarai is cartoonist, illustrator and visual artist. He has also published a number of works addressing all kinds of topics from psychoanalysis to philosophy, sexuality to politics.
    For her part, Cynthia Bonacossa has published Carabin and Caipirinha, a humorous semi-autobiographical work based on her studies in medicine. She is also published in many newspapers and magazines.
    They are looking forward to talking with you about the 9th Art and Brazil, autographing their works, and leading drawing shows.

  • Hong Kong Arts Centre

    Why only read a comic? Why not play with it? This is what 'PLAY! Hong Kong Comics Touring Exhibition' offers. A touring exhibition that highlights the history and development of the local comic, from 1960 to the present day. The Brussels Comic Strip Festival is honoured to host this exhibition at its first stop before it departs for Helsinki and Tokyo. Two artists, Overloaddance and Justin Wong also join in to interact with you, lead drawing shows, and autograph their works for you.

    Presenter : Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base
    Sponsor: Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Hong Kong Arts Centre
    Comix Home Base

    Download the Hong Kong Arts Centre's full schedule here

    Download the list of artists of Hong Kong Arts Centre here