For the first time in its history and thanks to its new set-up at Bozar, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival is pleased to be able to offer premiere film screenings and unique screening with the presence of the authors !

  • « Le Petit Spirou » - special screening, with the presence of Tome et Janry
    Saturday 2 September at 5:30PM – HENRY LE BŒUF Room

    Little Spirou, like his family before him, has a well-drawn professional calling. When his mother tells him he will be attending stable boy school next year, Little Spirou, with the help of his friends, will use the last days of school to declare his love to Suzette. And not just any old way. They decided to go on an extraordinary adventure.

    So it will be in Brussels during the Comic Strip Festival that the first screening of the brand new Little Spirou film will take place! And the screening will be held in the prestigious Henry Le Boeuf Room, no less! Don't forget to book your seats!

    Release : 27 septembre 2017
    From : Nicolas Bary
    Based on : « Le petit Spirou » of Tome & Janry (Dupuis)
    With : Sacha Pinault, Natacha Régnier, Pierre Richard, François Damiens, Gwendolyn, Gourvenec, Virginie Hocq…
    Genre : family

    Language: FR

    Saturday, 2 September at 5:30 PM - Henry Le Boeuf Room - paid admission - Book your tickets here!

  • « Dans un recoin de ce monde » - Exclusive Belgian premiere and distribution
    Friday 1 September at 4:00 PM – M Room

    Suzu Urano was born in Hiroshima. After she married she went off to live with her husband's family in Kure, a city with a naval base. Then came the war, and daily life became more and more difficult for Suzu. In the face of adversity, the young woman maintained a ‘certain joie de vivre’. Running the household, stocking up on supplies, enjoying life as a family and a couple, so many factors to consider under the challenging conditions that did not seem to improve with the first air raids. Would Suzu still be able to preserve her characteristic zest for life under these conditions?

    Based on the book by Fumiyo Kôno – ed. Kana
    Release: 13 September 2017 (2h 08min)
    From: Sunao Katabuchi
    With: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Daisuke Ono, Mayumi Shintani
    Genres: Animation, Drama, History
    Nationality: Japonese

    Language: FR

    Free Entrance

  • "The Sisters" (television series - Ouf TV) special session with comics authors Cazenove and William
    Saturday, 2 September at 12:00 PM - ROOM M

    The most difficult sisters as well as the funniest comics will now experience their adventures in cartoon form. The Brussels Comic Strip Festival, in cooperation with Bamboo Publishing and Ouf TV offer you a special session with comics authors Christophe Cazenove and William!

    Language: FR

    Free Entrance

  • "Titeuf" along with Zep (feature length animated film)
    Saturday, 2 September at 6:00 PM - ROOM M

    Catastrophe ! Nadia celebrates her birthday and Titeuf is not invited! Why? How could she forget it when he expresses his over-seductive attitude each time he sees her? But an even bigger earthquake will shake up Titeuf's life and throw it into chaos because, once again, adults are irredeemably stupid. Titeuf, true to form, tries to understand what's happening to him and implements various disastrous strategies to put his life back together, while never losing sight of his goal: being invited to Nadia's birthday party!

    Release date: 6 April 2011 (1 hr 27 min)
    By: Zep
    With: Donald Reignoux, Maria Pacôme, Jean Rochefort and
    Genres: Animated, Comedy
    Nationality: French
    Distributor Pathé Distribution

    Language: FR subtitles EN

    Free Entrance

  • « A Bright Sky » - ARTE Premiere
    Sunday 3 September at 11:00 PM – M Room


    This 90-minute fictional film, co-produced by Arte and EuropaCorp Television and directed by Nicolas Boukhrief is an adaptation of the graphic novel by Japanese author Jiro Taniguchi, which tells the story of soul transference between a teenager and an old man after an accident.

    In conjunction with BOZAR Cinema and Casterman Publishing, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival offers you the chance to discover this fitting tribute to Jiro Taniguchi before its official release on Arte.

    Produced by: Nicolas Boukhrief
    Based on the book « Un Ciel Radieux » by Jiro Taniguchi (Casterman)
    With: Léo Legrand, Dimitri Storoge, Armande Boulanger plus
    Genre: Drama
    Nationality: French

    Language: FR

    Free Entrance

  • Polina (first Belgian release)
    Sunday 3 September at 3:00 PM – M Room

    Derived from the Bastien Vives comics, the film Polina tells the life story of a young prima ballerina who does not hesitate to leave her native Russia to realise her dancing dreams. Through new encounters, she forges her identity, explores new artistic experiences, and builds her future.

    Co-production with Bozar Cinema.

    Release: 16 November 2016 (1h 48min)
    Produced by: Valérie Müller, Angelin Preljocaj
    Based on « Polina » by Bastien Vivès (Casterman)
    With: Anastasia Shevtsova, Niels Schneider, Juliette Binoche
    Genre: Drama
    Nationality: French

    Language: FR subtitles EN

    Free Entrance

  • Screenings and meetings at the Cinematek

    As is the case every year, the Brussels Cinematek joins forces with the Brussels Comic Strip Festival and offers three comic-themed film screenings. Each day an author will introduce the screening of a film that he selected himself and will explain how the film inspired his work or vice versa. It's a great opportunity to meet these three authors in a context very different from the usual autograph sessions or conferences!

  • "The Lord of the Rings"  - Friday, 1 September at 7:00 PM
    Animated film by Ralph Bakshi (1978) introduced by  Gregorz Rosinski (Le Lombard Publishing)
    Well before Peter Jackson's gorgeous epic, Bakshi adapted Tolkien's trilogy into a film in which the "rotoscoping" process (real actors are filmed, then the image is traced on cartoon panels) works wonders.
    Price: €4 / €2 with Comics Pass - Book your tickets here!

  • "Heartbeat" - Saturday, 2 September at 5:00 PM
    French film by Marcel Pagnol, introduced by the authors of the Marcel Pagnol Film group, introduced by the authors of the "Le Schpounz" comics, Efix and S. Scotto (Grand Angle Publishing)
    About a fool from Provence, the "imbecile," played by Fernandel who is always outdoing himself, rapid-fire repartee and charming scenes make for some of the best satire on film in Pagnol's persepctive.
    Price: €4 / €2 with Comics Pass - Book your tickets here!

  • "Gate of Flesh " - Sunday, 3 September at 5:00 PM
    A Japanese film by Seijun Suzuki (1964), introduced by Jean-David Morvan, sponsor of the Atomium Prizes
    Post-war Japan. The country is devastated and the black market holds sway. Five prostitutes swear they will not have sex with anyone besides their customers. But one of them, Mashito, does not keep her promise. One of cult film-maker Seijun Suzuki's greatest successes.
    Price: €4 / €2 with Comics Pass - Book your tickets here!