Tintin Rally

Sunday 3 September
Finish line: Place des Palais starting at 1:00 PM

Since its first running in 2013, the Tintin Magazine Rally has become an essential event at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. This year the rally will take place once again and Tintin Magazine will host Spirou Magazine. In all, about 100 collectors' cars will participate. In another significant new development, the event will start at four different locations: Lier, Verviers, Jumet, and Anderlecht.

This coming Sunday, 3 September, period cars that have appeared in Tintin Magazine and Spirou Magazine since 1946 will lead the way. At about 1:00 PM, after completing a nearly 100-kilometre course, these legendary cars will arrive on Place des Palais. At the end of the rally, a panel will award prizes to the teams and cars that were the most faithful to the two magazines' original illustrations.

Owners of cars or motorcycles that have appeared in Tintin Magazine or Spirou Magazine since 1946 are asked to fill out the registration form: Tintin Rally registration form.