Screen Brussels Film Commission

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any information!

We are at your disposal to:

  • Inform and guide you and help you obtain filming permit and parking space reservations in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Advise you in your search for locations that suit your needs and inform you about image rights of protected sites or monuments in Brussels.
  • Get you in touch with contacts in every sector, whether public or private.


To submit a filming request

Email us at:

In your email, please include: The location, dates and times for filming as well as the number of people in the film crew and a synopsis.

If you want to booking parking space, please include:

  • The street and numbers of the houses you would like to park in front of as well as the dates and times, the director’s contact details and a billing address.
  • We will send you the form to complete with the admin fees.
  • Please avoid modifying your requests.
  • Please also make sure you apply in advance of filming (at least 5 to 10 working days before the start of filming).

Please be advised:

  • You must comply with all technical instructions given by the film commission, the municipal authorities and the Brussels Police.
  • You must put up signs indicating indoor filming if technical vehicles must be parked outside.
  • Production teams are responsible for the actions of firms they hired for filming. The latter must respect the allocated parking spaces and behave properly with regards to local residents.
  • Delays in obtaining authorization or technical intervention will depend on the request. If the request is sent early, the authorities' response is more likely to be positive.
  • The price of permits, parking space reservation and other booking service expenditures vary from one municipality to another. These fees must be paid prior to filming.

The insurance of a filming permit entails a commitment on the part of the crew on the following points:

  • Information for local residents, shopkeepers and concerned associations will be disseminated systematically prior to the actual filming. Notification will be given to local residents of booked parking spaces or any other constraints that might cause disruption in the neighborhood. NB: The telephone number of a contact will be included in this information sheet. If necessary, an alternative parking area will be proposed for residents and other problems due to filming will be resolved.
  • The production crews will respect the locations and leave them in the state that they found them.
  • Any member of the film crew will occupy the specified premises and only those premises. He or she must behave in accordance with the contract and civilly and respect the said premises.
  • The completed and signed forms and the insurance policies pertaining to filming must be available at all times if requested by a police officer.


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