Laska Nenova - ISCA

Laska Nenova - ISCA


Laska Nenova, NowWeMOVE Campaign Manager - International Sport and Culture Association

Laska is a firm believer that being physically active is the key to our wellbeing both physically and mentally. Her passion is to share knowledge and experience from person to person, city to city, country to country. Coming from the world of business Laska’s is transferring her business skills and experience to the non-profit sector.

Laska Nenova is currently the NowWeMOVE (NWM) Campaign manager (the largest bottom up campaign in Europe promoting physical activity for health and wellbeing) at International Sports and Culture association (ISCA). As the NWM manager Laska has been responsible for the conceptualization and delivery of the key NWM events such as  “No Elevators Day” , FlashMOVE, European Fitness Day, Panna tour, NowWeBike. Since 2013 Laska has been instrumental for the spread of the campaign across Europe.

Laska is graduated with a MBA of International Trade and holds certifications in Inbound and digital marketing, non-formal education training, group fitness training.

Laska is the founder of two Bulgarian based organizations: WOW Gym functional training gym and BG Be Active Association.

Workshop - Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Member initiatives: Which is Best for You?

The goal of most associations is to further their members’ professional development allowing for productive advancement of the industry. But what is the best method to achieve this? Bottom-up initiatives and top-down strategies can both be effective depending on the desired engagement activities and the market or sector conditions at the project’s onset. Two diverse organisations will share their lessons learned with advocacy campaigns and market strategies illuminating the pros and cons of each type of member initiative.

Learner outcomes:

  • Describe key elements of top-down and bottom-up initiatives and the differences between them
  • Identify which approach is best-suited for diverse types of campaigns and business activities
  • Apply practical tips for activating your initiatives to motivate and empower your members