Activities at the International Pavilion

Come and discover the activities organised at the International Pavilion. 

There is always something going on at the International Pavilion:

Introduce the zero-waste lifestyle into your daily life!

Boentje Café is the fruit of a crazy project: the opening of the first zero-waste coffeehouse in Brussels! Heaps of love and local produce, good for you and for the planet. Delicious naked, without any needless waste. By using only local produce from Belgium or Europe, we are diminishing our carbon footprint, while also ridding ourselves of the packaging that sticks to the skin of products imported from far away. In a nutshell, short distribution channels without any ethical shortcuts. At Boentje Café, we are also rethinking the traditional coffeehouse paradigm by serving our food and drinks in durable, reusable, eatable, compostable and returnable containers. Say goodbye to disposable cups & plastic straws! Finally, at Boentje Café, we love to repair our waste material, to use it in creative ways, or even to upcycle it, so as not to throw away anything. If this also appeals to you, come participate in our workshops, which will help you introduce the zero-waste lifestyle into your daily life. So… do you feel juiced up?