Activities at the International Pavilion

There is always something going on at the International Pavilion:

  • The Iris in colours

  • This year the Brussels-Capital Region wanted to celebrate its festival partners by offering them an original gift: a work of art by artist Harwan Red to celebrate their fruitful collaboration with our region.

    Harwan will offer nine paintings inspired by the iris, the Brussels-Capital Region's iconic flower, available in the colours of our partner regions, a beautiful way to symbolically highlight the strength of our bonds.

    But the originality of the artist's methods will not stop there. He will apply his specific unique touch by enhancing his creations through crowd participation, inviting those present at the event to personalise his works.

    The involvement of a large audience from diverse backgrounds will allow people who do not know each other to work together on this project in an altruistic manner. It's a beautiful symbol of an action that is all at once artistic, friendly, and civic-minded.

    The art work will be given to the different Brussels-Capital Region partner regions.

  • Chocolate and crickets at the Brussels Region's booth

  • Another example that is all at once iconic, fun, innovative, and future-oriented: Brussels International has brought together a Brussels family business, a veritable institution devoted to promoting quality Belgian chocolate, Choco-Story, and a brand new company that brings crickets to market, Little Food. The combination has taken the form of an original live cooking show and chocolate tastings - with crickets. No doubt something to amaze a great many visitors, and maybe send a shudder through less daring visitors.