• Germany's capital and largest city. From an institutional point of view, it is a city-state ("Land").
  • Surface area:  891,7 square kilometres
  • Number of inhabitants: 3 670 622
  • Title and signature date of the agreement: Friendship and cooperation agreement between Brussels and Berlin, signed on 1 June 1992

The Berlin cuisine is rich in its diversity. One should definitely look beyond the stereotype of large portions of beer, pork, "sauerkraut" and potatoes! Berlin stands for an inventive cuisine that is open to the world and its multiple influences. It can boast a gastronomic scene with renowned chefs. But more than the dishes in their own right, it is the moment of degustation that makes the city proud. The Berlin way of living, relaxed whilst eager at the same time, is unique and delightful! This cosiness will be perfectly represented by NEUE HEIMAT, a well-known and very trendy streetfood market offering streetfood of a high level.

Ambassador of Berlin: well-known and very trendy street food market

  • Menus

    Each day from Thursday till Sunday:

    • Fried slices of „Königsberger Klopse“ (famous & traditional Berliner meatballs) with capers sauce on fine mashed potatoes (with croutons, garden parsley and caramelized shallots).
    • Fried slices of a spinach dumpling on mushroom-duxelles in cream (veggie).

    To taste the dish of one of our chef, you will need to use credits. One credit = 1€. One dish = 9 credits. All the dishes are offered at the same price.