The ticket office: how does it work?

Taste the Future – Go Cashless

No more tokens, coupons and tickets! In collaboration with BNP Paribas Fortis, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is now a cashless festival that guarantees quick, safe and secure system. Everything will be replaced by a free magnetic card that will be the only method of payment accepted.

Get your magnetic card at one of the ticket offices and top it up with the number of credits (1 credit = €1) required for your dishes, desserts and drinks during the festival. To be able to sample the wines from the Bordeaux pavilions, you just need to purchase a Wine Pass which will be added to your magnetic card.

Entry to eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is free.

Upon your arrival at the festival

  • Have you already bought one or several cards and/or credits in advance? No problem, presale purchase(s) - with the bar code(s) - at the central ticket office and you'll be given your magnetic card(s), with your credit(s) and/or Wine Pass preloaded.
  • You didn't make any purchases during the presale period? No problem, you can get your magnetic card at one of the festival's ticket offices and charge a Wine Pass onto it along with as many credits as you like.

During the festival

  • Are you thirsty? Or tempted by a dish or dessert? To purchase any food or drink, place your magnetic card on one of the cashless receivers and the credits are automatically deducted from your magnetic card. Quick, simple, and secure.
  • Have you used all your credits? Then go to one of the festival's ticket offices and top up your magnetic card with one click.

After the festival

You haven't used up all of your credits and you would like to be reimbursed the amount that remains? Keep your card (or memorise the card number) and make your way to the Reimbursements page. Fill in the form and there you go.

The dishes

All our chefs offer their signature dishes and desserts for 9 credits (€9). You can top up your magnetic card with more credits at any time, as many times as you wish, at one of the festival's 5 ticket offices.

The Bordeaux Wines

Your credits are valid everywhere, except in the Bordeaux Wine pavilions.
To taste the Bordeaux wines, you must purchase a Wine Pass (which will be loaded onto your magnetic card) that includes:

  • 11 wine tastings:
    • 1 Médoc & Graves
    • 1 Saint-Emilion-Pomerol-Fronsac
    • 1 Côtes de Bordeaux
    • 1 Sweet Bordeaux
    • 1 Sélection Bordeaux 2017
    • 1 Bordeaux Rouge Bordeaux Supérieur
    • 1 Rosés de Bordeaux
    • 1 Blancs Secs de Bordeaux
    • 1 Crémant de Bordeaux
    • 2 extra tastings in the wine pavilion of your choices
  • 1 Vittel water or 1 Pellini coffee
  • 1 mini Duvel (18cl)
  • 1 engraved glass and a pouch

Little tips:

  • Your Pass and your credits are valid throughout the festival, giving you four days to use up all your credits and savour all the wines included in your Wine Pass.
  • You can top up your magnetic card as many times as you like.