• Capital and largest city of Ukraine
  • Surface area: 839 km2
  • Population: 2 907 000
  • Title and signature date of the agreement: Friendship and cooperation agreement between the Capital of  Ukraine Kiev and the Brussels-Capital Region signed 8 December 1997

To really get to know Kyiv, one has to try its cuisine: borsch and home-style sausages, nalyvka and fresh bacon on rye bread, and of course the Carpathian honey. The bouquet of rich tastes will open your heart to a wealth of cultural heritage. Kyiv Welcomes You!

  • The Capital of Ukraine is represented by restaurant Kupidon (Kyiv).


    Thursday: Ukrainian tradition day

    • Traditional Ukrainian borshch. On a veggie-bouillon base, served with pampushky, delicious traditional Ukrainian garlic rolls.
    • "Chicken Kyiv-burger". Ukraine's answer to all burgers, a "Chicken Kyiv" served with delicious deruny, traditional potatoes & onions pancakes.

    Both dishes come with a small tasting of uzvar, traditional Ukrainian beverage, prepared from dried fruits.

    Friday: A Crimean Tatar holiday

    • Lagman. Traditional Crimean-Tatar soup, with vegetables, beef chunks, and homemade noodles.
    • Chebureky. Traditional Tatar turnover filled with meet.

    Both dishes come with a small tasting of coffee, as only Tatars roast it.

    Saturday: Fiddler on the roof – Kyiv style Jewish cooking day

    • Soupchik. Bean Soup, prepared on a vegetable and goose base
    • Shaurma Sheyka & Farshmak. Pita stuffed with goose & chicken necks & Danube herring on Toast Appetizer, served with a traditional Odessa-style eggplant caviar

    Both dishes come with a little tasting of Kyiv jam compote

    Sunday: Western Ukraine day

    • Yushka. Traditional broth, with Carpathian mushrooms and dumplings.
    • Ukrainian hot dog. Homemade garlic sausage, served with Lviv home fries (with Ukrainian bacon and onions).or Holubtsi, traditional cabbage rolls, cabbage leaf stuffed with minced meat filling, topped with original Lviv mushroom gravy.

    Traditional delicacies stand

    The Ukrainian representatives from restaurant Kupidon present their typical and authentic take-away products: honey, teas and infusions, spices and sauces, caramels, coffee, beer, crafted spirits and, of course, Ukrainian vodka “Horilka”.