• French-speaking province and Federated State in North America's north-east.
  • Capital: Quebec
  • Surface area: 1,312,126 km2
  • Population: 8,294,656
  • Title and signature date of the agreement: Cooperation agreement between the Brussels-Capital Region and the Government of Quebec, signed 30 September 2002.

Both traditional and creative, the cuisine of Quebec is continually reinventing itself. Thanks to the undisputed talent of its chefs, traditional Quebec recipes have been adapted to today's tastes while retaining the best of what Quebec's culinary heritage has to offer. The confluence of French, British and Native American influences, the cuisine of Quebec champions local flavours such as maple and cranberry. La Petite Cabane à sucre de Québec will introduce you to Quebec, mouthful by mouthful.

  • The Canadian province of Quebec is represented by La Petite Cabane à sucre de Québec, in collaboration with Chef Andréanne Marcil, originating from Quebec but now a Brussels citizen



    • Québec style shepherd’s pie with pulled beef and home-made creamed corn. Fruit ketchup.


    • Sampling plate "Cabane à sucre".


    • Lake St-Jean game pie with sautéed forest mushrooms.


    • Meatball ragout, potato and chestnut casserole.

    Each dish comes with a little dessert of the day.

    Traditional delicacies stand

    The representatives from La Petite Cabane à sucre de Québec will show you every aspect of a whole array of authentic products. Many of those inevitable relate to maple: maple caramel, maple soup, maple butter, SEVA maple water, beer from microbreweries, ice, Sortilège (whisky) and of course the famous 100% maple syrup!