• Capital of Bulgaria
  • Surface area: 180 km2
  • Population: 1,429,947
  • Title and signature date of the agreement: Cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Sofia and the Brussels-Capital Region signed 5 March 1993.

At the crossroad of many influences, Sofia's cuisine is typical of the Balkans. Mezes, grills and salads are often in evidence in generous platefuls. Bulgarian cuisine isn't limited to the famous yoghurt. It's perpetually reinventing itself.

  • The Capital of Bulgaria is represented by restaurant Laila Fashion Cooking



    • Pepper and tomato salad : Fresh bell pepper pieces stuffed with homemade katuk (mixture of yoghurt and white cheese) and tomato slices, garnished with red onion and parsley.
    • Mini meatballs : Fried mini pork and beef meatballs served over old-fashioned mashed potatoes and oven-baked sauce.


    • Three traditional appetizers : Plate of homemade appetizers - lutenitsa (grilled red pepper-tomato spread) with white cheese; snejanka (Bulgarian yoghurt with fresh cucumbers, dill and walnuts); kiopoolu (grilled eggplant-pepper-tomato spread), served with herbal bruschetta.
    • Pork schnitzel : Pork filet schnitzel with lemon herb butter and Bulgarian style fries.


    • New style Shepherd’s salad : Tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled peppers, onion, parsley, ham, mushrooms and white cheese in a non-traditional arrangement.
    • Meat and vegetables skewers : Mixed meat (pork, chicken fillet and beef mince) and vegetable skewers, served with homemade dip.


    • Spinach soup : Bulgarian traditional spinach soup with rice, garnished with hard-boiled egg
    • White beans with sausage : Oven baked white beans with spicy Bulgarian sausage