For a few years now we have been putting in place measures that respect the environment and work towards sustainable development. A number of initiatives have been developed to raise awareness within the public and the festival’s suppliers and chefs.


We are doing everything we can to reduce waste on the festival site as much as we possibly can.

  • Installing waster sorting facilities
  • Setting up an Eco Team that manages the cleanliness of the site
  • Use of biodegradable and compostable crockery (CPLA, sugarcane, etc.)
  • Use of reusable cups and glasses (with a deposit system)
  • Sharing and reuse of technical facilities between several events (Brussels Comic Strip Festival and eat ! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX)
  • Collecting the corks and synthetic corks for non-profit organisations Décalage and De Vlaspit
  • Partners and sponsors have been formally notified about the ban on the mass distribution of goodies and promotional flyers


  • Limitation/Reduction in printed materials and increasing of digital promotion
  • Use of recycled and labelled paper
  • Reusing signs and posters from previous editions
  • Reusing forex boards that listed the security measures in place in Brussels Park for previous editions
  • The festival will transition towards a cashless payment system
  • “Wine in Moderation” communication on responsible consumption by our partner Bordeaux

Food and drink

  • Raising awareness in chefs and partners of the desire to present seasonal dishes made with ingredients from sustainable sources
  • Raising chefs’, partners and sponsors’ awareness of food waste
  • Promoting gluten-free, 100% vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan food.
  • Use of biodegradable crockery

Mobility and accessibility

  • The “mobility” page on the website with the various modes of transport to get to and from the event (including where to find Villo! stations)
  • Making bicycle parking available
  • Car sharing is encouraged (DriveNow, Zipcar)
  • The organisation of the “Wine in Moderation” campaign to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages and encourage car sharing or soft mobility options
  • Access for persons with reduced mobility: signs and specific installations for persons with reduced mobility

The environmental impact of the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX Festival is systematically evaluated after each edition.

We encourage all visitors to actively participate and make use of our various efforts to promote sustainability!