Humans of Brussels

Until 29/10/2017, meet the Brussels inhabitants that make it a cosmopolitan city thanks to the Humans of Brussels installation, created as part of the 2017 themed year. Come and discover their portraits and learn more about their stories.

2017 is a year dedicated to celebrating Brussels' diversity. The 2017 themed year will be bursting with fascinating encounters and projects to warm the heart which share a singlular aim: to showcase cosmopolitan Brussels through the 183 nationalities that live side by side within its borders. You can feel the world's heart beat in the capital of Europe.

As part of this themed year, presents its Humans of Brussels exhibition. Brussels is, above all, about the people you meet, whether they are locals, commuters or tourists. That's why offers visitors a chance to discover many of these people through an original series of photographs and story collected by journalists of local newspaper BRUZZ, in a nod to the famous Humans of New York exhibition.

Visitors are treated to intimate first-hand accounts and anecdotes. The exhibition is split into 3 rooms. Each plunges visitors into a new world. In the main room, you find an "open archive" in which observers follow a series of cards on which the inhabitants appear. They can also browse a never-ending book of individuals' stories.