MIXITY 183 is an art installation built into a recycled container that will travel around Brussels from July to October 2017. It is a “pop-up museum”, an ephemeral cultural venue with the theme of diversity.

MIXITY 183 will be a meeting place, a photo exhibition and an augmented reality experience all rolled into one. A way to give a glimpse of the plethora of community groups in Brussels, home to 183 nationalities, and express our pride in the diversity of this city,: cultural, linguistic, sexual, generational, social, and more.

Inside the container, visitors will discover a photo gallery (by photographer Olivier Cornil), which presents Brussels' diversity from an unavoidably subjective but human-scale point of view. Starting from these photos, visitors can then use the tablet provided for this purpose or an app downloaded to their mobile phone to enjoy an immersive augmented reality experience, with “air drawings”, 3D graphical creations, by illustrator and artist Pauline de Chalendar and a sound track by musician Daniel Offerman (Girls in Hawaii, Hallo Kosmo, TRESOR).


Where and When?

  • Place Communale de Molenbeek, from 04/07 to 16/07
  • Parc Royal de Bruxelles, from 18/07 to 03/09
  • Place Sainte-Croix (Flagey), from 05/09 to 05/10
  • Place du Luxembourg, from 07/10 to 26/10

Daily Schedule