Tram Experience, a unique journey into the world of gastronomy

How do you fancy boarding a tram that has been fully decked out as a modern gourmet restaurant? Aboard you will be served a six- or seven-course meal put together by top Belgian chefs, whilst you tour the most beautiful places of Brussels by night for two hours.


The year 2017 will be characterized by Brussels’ enormous diversity. You can expect a year full of colorful events, fascinating encounters and heart-warming projects.

 Tram Experience also takes the “MIXITY” mood choosing Glen Ramaekers. Indeed, its philosophy is to propose dishes to be divided into different culinary styles influenced from Asia to Europe.

What the two Italians Ugo Federico and Francesco Cury from Racines try to do for the second period culinary excellence as it is about their mission: combining artisan pleasures with their love for the earth and the produce it provides.