Lionel Rigolet ** (09/01 – 04/03/2018)

After training in the leading Belgian and European establishments, Lionel Rigolet has assumed control of Comme Chez Soi since the last decade, the restaurant that his father-inlaw Pierre Wynants took to new global gastronomic heights starting in the late 1970s.

Now with two Michelin stars to his name and a 18.5/20 from Gault Millau, which elected him chef of the year in 2007, Lionel Rigolet offers a cuisine that is entirely rooted in the modern era. At the same time, his cuisine is always respectful of his illustrious predecessor’s prestigious

heritage and the deeply traditional dishes that made his reputation.

Comme chez Soi
23 place Rouppe - 1000 Brussels

  • Menu


    • Eel and sorrel soup, garlic foam
    • Veal cannelloni with foie gras

    Meatless alternative (≠ végétarian !): Smoked salmon cannelloni stuffed with fish tartare

    • Scallops with ras el-hanout, biscuit and a light parmesan cream


    Cod with spices, small crunchy vegetables, grey North Sea shrimp, light horseradish cream

    Second starter

    Pressed beef stew

    Meatless alternative (≠ végétarian !): Vegetable stew

    Main course

    Free range cock supreme, shellfish jus with crayfish and tarragon

    Vegetarian alternative (≠ végétarian !): Perch, shellfish jus with crayfish and tarragon


    Chocolate crémeux made with Belcolade 71% cocoa Ecuadorian chocolate, exotic caramel, passion fruit, mascarpone and eau de Villée liqueur.