Art nouveau - Art déco

Art Nouveau in Brussels came to maturity at the end of 19th century. This all-encompassing art, which dominated every field until 1920, is not only found in architecture, it also stamped its mark on furniture, carpets, decorative objects and jewellery. Shortly after the First World War, Art Nouveau was increasingly supplanted by Art Deco, a more geometric and abstract style. In the early twentieth century, the centre of Brussels was a place of intense economic activity. A succession of shop fronts lined a maze of winding streets. Population growth and social progress led to the construction of a great many schools as well as social housing, including several in the Art Nouveau style. Already densely built, the city nevertheless embraced Art Deco. Here you will mostly find buildings linked to the development of the services sector in the city: offices, shops, cultural and leisure venues, cafes, hotels, etc. This tour includes the major achievements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco in the city centre.

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