Love is in the air… Discover Brussels’ romantic side

Brussels is (also) a city for couples: it’s full of little treats and delightful spots where you can lose yourself with your better half and offers you countless opportunities to show just how much you love them.

We love to treat ourselves on Valentine’s Day. Whether we’re single or in a relationship, 14 February is synonymous with pleasure in all its forms.

We happily give in to all the clichés: boxes of fine Brussels chocolates, champagne for two (Beaubbles, l’Aube sur Aÿ) or even a timeless piece of jewellery (De Greef, Leysen, Manalys,…)

Celebrating love is also a great opportunity to sample the menu of that restaurant that you’ve been meaning to try for months, or to indulge and enjoy a break in one of the capital’s numerous spas. If you’re in the market for a more intimate experience, then Lady Paname or Eva Luna are sure to have just the thing you’re looking for. Sometimes pleasure lies in the simple things: a romantic walk, a night at the theatre, seeing an exhibition.  

So hold each other, kiss each other and be happy… Brussels loves you and offers you its many spots and activities to discover again and again!

  • Romantic walks in Brussels

  • On foot :

    • The Place Poelaert skyline : the best place to take in an impressive wide view of Brussels and then ride the lift down and set off on a romantic stroll through the Marolles neighbourhood.
    • The Jardin du Coeur (the Heart Garden at the Van Buuren Museum) is a green labyrinth for the Queen of Hearts. Fans of Alice in Wonderland will love these gardens!
    • Peter Pan statue in the Parc d'Egmont

    On a tandem bike : rent one from one of the many workshops  Cyclo

    In a VW Beetle : embrace “Flower power” at the Love bugs Parade at Cinquantenaire Park. 

    In a horse-drawn carriage : take an incredibly romantic ride through Brussels old historic streets and alleys.

  • Things to do and see for turtledovess! 

    • The heart Museum at Cinquantenaire Park (Brussels) : Here you can discover the unique collection of a cardiologist who was passionate about stories and objects to do with the heart.
    • Museum of Erotica and Mythology (Brussels) : If you are a lover of art and beautiful objects, then the MEM lets you dive into the extraordinary world of erotic art.
    • BILY (BRUSSELS I LOVE YOU - Ixelles/Saint Gilles) is a contemporary art themed route through Ixelles and Saint-Gilles that takes place from 11 to 18 February 2017. For the second year running, BILY is offering you a route with stops in art galleries, institutions, auction houses, exhibition spaces, artists’ studios, etc.
    • And also : 

    Madama Butterfly 
    When Harry met Sally
    Blow Out Session #3: "À Table"

  • Bars / Restaurants

  • The aptly named…

    • L'amour Fou : This bar-restaurant is known for serving little organic dishes and its famous hamburger. 
    • Amor Amor : A restaurant bursting with Mediterranean flavours in the heart of the European quarter.

    Full of charm…

    • L’Idiot du Village: this restaurant (whose name means the Village Idiot) is a unique gastronomic experience in Brussels. The decor is one of an ultra-baroque family home, and its cuisine is always creative and delightful.
    • Orphyse Chaussette: authentic French-style cuisine that intensifies real flavours.


    • La cabane du fou chantant: gaze into each other’s eyes as you dine in the “world’s smallest restaurant” perched in a tree!


    • Tram Experience: un tête-à-tête gastronomique et touristique à bord d’un tram bruxellois.
    • La Villa in the Sky : une vue panoramique sur tout Bruxelles, parfaite pour une demande en mariage !

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