Global Association Hubs partnership

Global Association Hubs partnership

The world’s leading cities for international associations – Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington DC – have – teamed up to create the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP) at the end of 2015.

This initiative by the official promotion organizations of the four cities –, Dubai Association Centre, Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau, and Destination DC – cements the position of the four partner cities as the leading global hubs for international associations and creates synergistic relationships which provides decisive advantages for international associations.

The partnership comes as an innovative response to the increasing decentralization of international associations, as they look to develop their activities globally. GAHP is a global platform that enables international associations to:
• Better support their membership in the different regions of the world;
• Build capacity in each region and capitalize on the potential of each region’s growth in activities and membership;
• Engage in a strategic dialogue on how to grow and better serve overseas members by using the respective partner cities as regional gateways.

A game changer in the relationship which cities have traditionally established with their association clients!

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