Greeters and Europe

Good ideas from Caroline, a Europhile Brussels greeter

"I'm very interested in European institutions and regularly visit the European district. I love that district for its diversity. It's impossible to walk around there without hearing a lot of different languages!"

  • Mini-Europe

    If you'd like to travel around Europe without needing to take a plane, I advise you to go to Mini-Europe, a miniature park with 350 scale models. You can admire Big Ben, the canals in Venice, the Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, and, of course, one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Grand-Place in Brussels...

    You can even make the models work yourself and make Vesuvius erupt, bring down the Berlin Wall, start a bullfight in Seville, launch the Ariane V rocket, etc. It's the ideal place for kids to discover Europe while having fun.
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    If your family or your group is curious and wants to know more about the European Parliament, I invite you to take a tour of the Parlamentarium, the European Parliament visitor centre. This is a superb place to find out about the history of European institutions and European politics in a playful way, thanks to the many dynamic, interactive multimedia screens. And it's free!
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    House of European History

    There's been a lot of talk about the long-awaited House of European History, which will open its doors to the public on 19 November 2016 in the Eastman Building, Parc Leopold, in the heart of the European district. It houses a permanent exhibition designed to explain 20th century European history and the history of European integration in an educational manner.
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    Place du Luxembourg (Plux)

    Every Thursday, the Place du Luxembourg is the place to be for its famous after-work encounters. This is where Eurocrats meet, but there are also students and ex-pats who fancy a drink after a day at work. Obviously, you will hear many languages drifting around the square. There are usually so many people that the buses even take another route on Thursday evenings to avoid the Place du Luxembourg.
    When it's fine, everyone sits on the grass and when the weather is not good, the heated tents come out to ensure that the fun goes on.
    The Noordzee fishbar is also very popular with seafood lovers during these after-work get-togethers.
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    European cooking

    “European cooking” is an experimental culinary experience on Place Jean Rey, in the European quarter, offering the possibility to Brussels citizens, expats, tourists and residents to share a table, a barbecue and recipes. This is an experiment to test new uses for this public space and to build a more desirable neighbourhood. Its objective is to improve the quality of life in the public spaces of the European quarter.
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    To take a walk with Caroline and other Greeters, here