Europe in Brussels : the figures.

The EU institutions and other international organizations in the Brussels-Capital Region generate 121,000 jobs, including 81,000 direct and 40,000 indirect, according to the new publication 'Europe in Brussels Figures 2016'. Consequently, the sector totals 16.7% of the Brussels employment and 5 billion euros Added Value for the Brussels economy.

The new publication 'Europe in Brussels Figures 2016' includes an update of an earlier study by Prof. Christian Van der Motten 2007, supplemented with more recent and detailed data gathered by and the Commissioner for Europe and International Organizations.

The brochure includes new figures on the number of EU agencies and intergovernmental organizations in Brussels, the estimated budget of the lobbying organizations in the capital, the number of international journalists attending European summits, plus the number of students in international schools. You can also find the exact number of EU workers, as well as the staff of the diplomatic missions and intergovernmental organizations.