Say goodbye to food waste ! Workshop @ the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Le Palace

Say goodbye to food waste ! Workshop @ the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Le Palace

(March 1st, 2016)

This workshop is organized under the "Meetings Go Green" project, led by MPI Belgium, and supported by Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel, in partnership with 21 Solutions and Yuzu Events. Through this workshop you will learn more about two specific themes : the management of your catering (taking back and re-valuating organic waste); and finding the right partners which are officially recognized to re-use your food leftovers.

You will discover :

  • How to better manage organic waste?
  • How add value to organic wastes?
  • What are the right resources and who are the right partners for your non-consumed products?
  • Saying goodbye to food waste, is it actually possible?
  • An overview of problems and issues relating to food waste
  • The concrete and tangible solutions to prevent and manage organic waste
  • Case study of re-using waste: Marc de Café
  • Organizations officially recognized to take and use your food rests.
  • How to capitalize on tools, case studies and existing initiatives

Join this workshop which will take place in the Crowne Plaza, a venue chosen for its exemplary engagement and commitment to sustainable development (The IHG Green Engage system). You will learn more about these initiatives and how the Crowne Plaza is reducing their waste and  impact on the environment.

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