The European Dog Show returns to Brussels (August 26th-28 th)

The European Dog Show returns to Brussels (August 26th-28 th)

Between August 26th and 28th, about 15, 000 dogs of all breeds and 30,0000 visitors will stroll into the halls of Brussels Expo, the exhibition and convention venue on the Heysel site, facing the  Atomium, our emblematic  national monument .

Belgium was the first country in history to organise a dog show in 1847. This show was reserved for one breed only : the pointer, and they were judged by three judges. Most of the exhibitors were hunters. At that time the idea arose to create a pedigree database but it took till 1882 when the “Society Saint-Hubert” was founded and the first pedigrees were registered.

In 1911, the Royal Society Saint-Hubert, together with the kennel clubs of France, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany, founded the FCI  - Fedération Cynologique International  (the World Canine Organisation)  and united dog lovers all over the world for the very first time in history. Unfortunately the alliance was brought to an end due to the 1st world war. In 1921, under the impulse of Belgium and France, the alliance was re-established.  Since 1954, the headquarter of the FCI is situated in Belgium. 

The European Dog show was organized again in Belgium in 1982, 1995 and 2011.

Watch this hilarious video  and come experience this unique championship.

The European Dog Show 2016
Brussels Expo

Halls 4, 5, 6, 7, 11.
Place de Belgique  1  Belgïeplein
1020 Brussels (Laeken)

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