Again The Sunset


17/02/2020 - 18/02/2020

Again The Sunset Again The Sunset

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Just a song, a simple song. 
But a song is never just a song. A song is made of words and music. It tells a thousand memories, each encapsulating a thousand more, by chance or by accident. It is a multitude of possible emotions.

Again The Sunset comes from different angles. It looks at songs from the most tenuous material traces: a body in movement, the sound of materials, the beginning of a gesture, the starting point of the humming. 

Again The Sunset is a concert and dance performance that opens a world of sensations. The two performers subtly combine everyday life’s singing and minimalist melodies. They track back the beginning of a song, we watch it being born again and again.

And they are not performing with any song. They are exploring a song for two: a love song. 

Almost nothing, yet it’s everything. One more sunset, please…

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