Bagaar - Guy Cassiers / Toneelhuis & ARSENAAL / LAZARUS


07/06/2019 - 08/06/2019

Bagaar - Guy Cassiers / Toneelhuis & ARSENAAL / LAZARUS

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In the film Coup de torchon (1981), Bertrand Tavernier sketches a universe without God, in which the concepts of good and evil have no solid foundation. The main character is a police officer who is not well-respected in his corrupt city. But then a change occurs in him and he starts taking out all the people who opposed him. The weakling gradually becomes a killing machine because he knows how to manipulate all those around him psychologically. Tavernier’s insight into the mechanisms of power and the human psyche make this story universal. The characters embody the moral bankruptcy of Western society.
For this adaptation, Guy Cassiers is collaborating with the theatre collective LAZARUS. You can expect a combination between precise staging and rowdy playfulness, between literary seriousness and apparent flightiness. At the same time, Cassiers is continuing his theatrical exploration of the darkest recesses of the human soul, a descent that previously led him to make Atropa, Dark Heart, MCBTH, Blood & Roses and The Kindly Ones, which were all staged at Kaaitheater.

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