Black Lilys


21/01/2022 - 21/01/2022

Black Lilys

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Black Lilys is a gentle blend of Camille’s torn rebel voice and Robin’s melancholic tunes on his guitar: the pair matches up ecclectic sounds, to shape a renewed ‘dark pop’, both sweet and rough. Following ‘Memories of a blind mind’, their first single released in 2014, the might of the siblings-duet shakes up the musical scene, and reveals a hidden soul of sensitive rage which touches the audience deeply. Genuine and unaffected: the project was soon spotted by the French label, La Ruche, which has supported and developed Black Lilys since its inception. Camille and Robin’s delicate complicity explodes on stage, whether they perform in duet or in trio with their drummer Jean-Noel Godard. Ultimately, Black Lilys plunges us into a very intimate world of music which takes you beyond to rock on the narrow edges of sweetness and sorrow.

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