Broken Shapes - Rimah Jabr & Dareen Abbas


20/03/2020 - 21/03/2020

Broken Shapes - Rimah Jabr & Dareen Abbas Broken Shapes - Rimah Jabr & Dareen Abbas

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A young woman in a city that has been occupied for decades. On the day of her father’s funeral, she discovers his architectural drawings. Overcome with sadness, she slips into the dream worlds and imagined places that he created.
What is the influence of our environment on our imagination? Is such influence hereditary? And are our actions and dreams coloured by our ancestors’ contexts, be they an open field, the ocean or a prison cell? Broken Shapes is a hybrid theatrical experience between installation, video and performance that explores how physical surroundings affect us mentally. Onstage we see one actress, her words are supported and interrupted by the visual interventions around her.
• Rimah Jabr is a theatremaker who works in Brussels, Toronto and Palestine. Her work is characterized by bizarre lightness and absurdity. Dareen Abbass lives and works in Brussels and creates both sculptural and graphic work as well as videos. Both artists are currently residents at Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre.

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