Chapelier Fou


06/04/2021 - 06/04/2021

Chapelier Fou Chapelier Fou

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Diving into Chapelier Fou’s discography means exiting reality and entering a strange, fantastical land. Through a mix of classical violins and contemporary electronics, Louis Warynski creates something reminiscent of idm, but with a lot of warmth and even nostalgia. His music takes its time to open up. Sometimes it might even need multiple listens, but it’s worth your patience. New single “Le Triangle des Bermudes” proves that, 10 years after his debut EP, Chapelier Fou is just as creative as ever.

Monolithe Noir
The former drummer doesn’t care much for the division of music into different genres. Blending his past fondness for drums, rhythms and melodies with a new-found love for modular synthesis, drone and ambient, Monolithe Noir remains unpredictable and surprising as ever on new album ‘Moira’.

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