Christine And The Queens


14/08/2019 - 14/08/2019

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Following the global success of her 2016 debut album "Chaleur Humaine", which marked the arrival of a new pop icon, Christine and the Queens, AKA Héloïse Letissier, is back with - and as - Chris. Having teased the shift in character on the tour announcements in March, by striking out part of her name, Letissier is unveiling the next chapter in her story.

"Chris" is a more upbeat album than its predecessor, and its sounds are crisp, clean and lean. Letissier wrote and sketched out the tracks at home in Paris, before producing them in Paris and Los Angeles. Its punchy minimalism takes its roots in the sounds of G Funk (Dam Funk himself worked on two tracks, "Girlfriend" and "Le G"), Cameo, the sampling innovations of Michael Jackson’s "Dangerous", and Serge Gainsbourg’s late album Love On the Beat. Its sounds are less soothing, and even the vocals are deliberately stripped back, with fewer effects, and no studio correction.

Chris is a raw, sexy and joyfully defiant record, which makes a bold declaration about the directions in which Letissier is heading. But really, it could never have been any other way: “From the beginning, this character was me living.”

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