20/12/2019 - 21/12/2019


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Since the beginning of time there has been a clash between head and body.
Since the time of our birth there has been a battle between mind and body.
At first the body wins, it defines everything.
At first, everything is straightforward.
First do, then think.
First pleasure, then regret.
Then the head comes along and ruins everything.
Then the head comes along with complicated things such as happiness, love, and knowledge.
Then the head comes along with hassle.
But the body is resilient and fights back.
But the body rebels against reason.
This time with the ultimate deed, to rip itself loose from the head.

With a world in chaos.
A bit like now, but worse.
Not terribly bad, but more unpleasant.
Not more unpleasant, but more uncomfortable.
Not more uncomfortable, but annoying.
Yes, that's it, an annoying performance.
But wait, that’s not it either.

We are our brain, people often say. But the victims of psychological problems are falling like flies, young and old. What does that say about our brain, and about us? Maybe that brain of ours can’t be entirely trusted. To gain control over head and body, Joost Vandecasteele and Joris van den Brande descend into the deepest crevices of their mind. The more their brains creak, the more they engage their body in the fight.

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