Conversation #3 - Nina Power


08/03/2019 - 08/03/2019

Conversation #3 - Nina Power

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→ In this series of evening discussions, leading authors, intellectuals and philosophers debate the concept of authenticity.

In 2009, Nina Power wrote the book One Dimensional Woman about contemporary portrayals of women. She draws a parallel between the emancipation of women and consumerism and critiques the lack of systematic political reflection in contemporary forms of ‘hip’ feminism. She proposes alternative ideas to effect change in areas such as employment, sexuality, and culture. Since she published her book, the #MeToo movement and other pressing feminist questions have emerged. How does Nina Power evaluate her book and the appeals she made then, today – on International Women's Day?
• Nina Power is cultural critic, philosopher and translator. She teaches at Roehampton University and has translated the work of Alain Badiou.

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