De Bouche à oreille - exposition


21/10/2019 - 10/11/2019

De Bouche à oreille - exposition

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De bouche à oreille – Doorfluistertje is a participative performance project where the dynamic of the Chinese whispers game is used in a poetic and multilingual manner. The idea: someone whispers something in your ear in a language you don’t understand, and you have to repeat what you have heard… This interaction lets people overcome the fear of the unknown and allows the transformation of the concept ‘error’ in an opportunity to create a new and original relationship.

The company Medeber Teatro has organized a series of workshops with persons of different ages and in several languages. The visitors of the BELvue museum are also invited to take part in the experiment during a couple of afternoons in August and October.

The performances are being filmed and the films will be presented from 21st of October until the 10t of November 2019 in an exhibition at the BELvue museum.

De bouche à oreille – Doorfluistertje is a project of the company Medeber Teatro in collaboration with La Concertation, vzw AIF+, URCA, Maison des Cultures of Saint-Gilles and the festival SuperVliegSuperMouche.

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