Désintégration Culturelle


23/11/2019 - 23/11/2019

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Désintégration Culturelle – written, created and choreographed by Nadine Baboy – questions identity, heritage and cultural membership in cosmopolitan society.
Prepare for a vivid, constantly shifting performance. The audience doesn’t just sink back into velvet chairs: it is completely immersed into the universe of Nadine Baboy and her performers. The performance takes you on a journey where poetry, music and dance intermingle. Through a mixture of styles and artistic disciplines, a contemporary view of métissage is brought forward.
Nadine Baboy is a Belgian-Congolese artist with a passion for the performing arts. As a dancer, choreographer, actor and poet, she takes inspiration from artistic and cultural crossovers. She previously collaborated on various dance theatre projects that meld movement and word, starring amongst others in KVS and La Monnaie’s musical L’Homme de La Mancha. Her passion for dance translates into a fusion between hip hop, dancehall and different styles of African dance, that express her contemporary vision on métissage.

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