Duo Szabadság – Klezmer muziek: viool & mandoline


05/04/2019 - 05/04/2019

Duo Szabadság – Klezmer muziek: viool & mandoline Duo Szabadság – Klezmer muziek: viool & mandoline

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Together they cross their routes blending music from Eastern Europe, Klezmer-Balkans with those from Northern America, Bluegrass and Irish folk. Colored by its History, marvelous or tragic, they preserve an heritage, ensure its transmission through times.
Jefferson started to play the mandolin at age 11 without knowing which instrument it was exactly. The crystal clear sound similar to a “rain of stars” took him away to another world.
In the heart of the musical expression, Ariane develops a sensitive violin style of play having no boundaries. At age seven, she begins her classical violin studies bringing her a first prize at the Lyon Academy of Music. At fifteen, her dad introduces her to Klezmer music through different projects including theatre, yiddish songs and tales.

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