Dying Together - Third Space / Lotte van den Berg


16/03/2019 - 17/03/2019

Dying Together - Third Space / Lotte van den Berg

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What happens on a fully booked airplane of people who do not know each other when it becomes clear that it is going to crash? Do the passengers become isolated within themselves or do they turn to one another for support? And how do the bodies relate to each other after the crash? Does it matter who was a Christian, Muslim, or atheist?‘Death deserves our attention, not our fear,’ Lotte van den Berg says. ‘In this work, I hope to create a space in which we as a group can explore situations in which people die together. Not in order to evoke horror or sentimentality, but to focus our concerted attention on the relationships that these people enter into with one another at the moment of their death, whether or not they really want to.’In Dying Together, you will take part in a physically performed thought experiment. A gradually changing constellation of people – and the physical relationships between them – creates a colourful pallet of possible relationships.
• The work of theatre director Lotte van den Berg investigates the ways in which we relate to each other. She blurs the boundary between the performers and the audience, such as in her earlier work Building Conversation, which was presented during Performatik17.

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