14/08/2019 - 14/08/2019

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In 2019, Eiffel releases a new album. The sixth in eighteen years of activity. Eighteen years! The album of the majority? It would be a paradox for a band which was always situated in the margin. Because if this new record, as its predecessors, is marked by the desire to unstitch it, he is also populated of recurring visions and strange characters, in a universe which is reminiscent of Georges Orwell or of Philip K. Dick (to whom the first embodiment of Eiffel, Oobik And The Pucks, already made reference). In 2019, Eiffel makes rock as some make science fiction: to take pleasure to frighten.

Without having left ever, Eiffel returns. At the top of his form. And does what he knows how to make certainly best: federate the troops. “Stupor machine” is an inhabited and ambitious disc, crossed by the obvious pleasure of playing (and touring) together - Romain sometimes uses the expression “adorable shackle” to talk about the group. It is the record of four musicians who, blossomed by their personal projects, never fit into the routine. “Stupor machine” is not an invitation to commitment, nor is it a discourse on today’s world. It’s just the best rock record these four could make. And if that’s any way to put it, it’s not Nothing.

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