Every Body Electric [medium] - Doris Uhlich


02/04/2020 - 02/04/2020

Every Body Electric [medium] - Doris Uhlich Every Body Electric [medium] - Doris Uhlich Every Body Electric [medium] - Doris Uhlich Every Body Electric [medium] - Doris Uhlich

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People with physical disabilities are often more associated with stationariness than with movement. In Every Body Electric, Doris Uhlich refutes this idea with vitality and vibrancy. What other possibilities open up when wheelchairs, prostheses and crutches are not perceived as obstacles but as powerful extensions of the body? How do the performers have to move to recharge their bodies, and what happens when the batteries are full? You can expect a fascinating dialogue between the human and the mechanical in which very personal dance styles vary from explosive to gently poetic.
• The oeuvre of Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich consistently explores beauty ideals and representations of the body. Music and especially techno play an important role in her work. Every Body Electric is a sequel to Ravemachine, for which Doris Uhlich and Michael Turinsky – a dancer with a physical disability – won the Nestroy Special Award “for inclusion on an equal footing”.

‘The different performers are working towards opening up their physical potentials. As the process develops, I realize more and more that even very small movements can be vehement. Normative perceptions and conceptions of energy and power are destabilized, shaken up.’  – DORIS UHLICH

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