Extreme Malecane


23/10/2019 - 23/10/2019

Extreme Malecane Extreme Malecane Extreme Malecane Extreme Malecane

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How did Neo-Fascism become hip? Why is contemporary youth attracted by nationalist ideologies? Pushed by these facts and by the desire to channel her anger towards the rise of extremisms, Paola Pisciottano tries to understand the success of the resurgence of identity politics among adolescents. Thus she met with young students and workers in Athens, Bologna, Salerno, Brussels and Eghezée. These encounters left her with many questions. On the collective responsibility and the societal void of the last few decades in Europe. On the concept of flight (of political models, of the European Union, of countries at war), fertile ground for generational discontent and unrest. A vast reflection in which interviews, the personal histories of the actors and content from the internet weave an enraged performance-conference which progressively derails into poetic fragments.


For the Festival des Libertés Paola Pisciottano invited Maddalena Gretel Cammelli, an anthropologist who has studied the phenomenon of Neo-Fascism represented in Italy by the CasaPound movement, in a show which mixes stage work and confrontation towards the anthropologist.

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